Telematics for Police and First Responders

October 7, 2021

Dispatch nearest driver

Increase response time by dispatching vehicles closest to the emergency using the “Nearest” feature in MyGeotab

Instant collision notifications

Get notified instantly when a collision is detected. Forensic data is uploaded to MyGeotab for review.

IOX expansion

Connect light bars, gun racks, sirens, and more directly into the GO device via the IOX expansion port to monitor usage.

Managing Police and First Responder fleet vehicles is an extremely challenging and even hazardous endeavor. With budget cuts being an ever-increasing issue, police, first responder, and municipal fleets can overlook or neglect crucial fleet management solutions being in place. Unfortunately, that can result in the limited efficiency of their vehicles and directly impact the safety of their staff. This increases the risks for the drivers of patrol cars, ambulances, and similar vehicles who already face dangerous circumstances and harsh driving conditions on a daily basis.


Don’t just settle for any ELD provider. Look at vendor experience and reputation to make sure the ELD is the right fit for your fleet. Picking a reliable and reputable brand means that your company will have support as it grows or your needs change over time.

Luckily, with today’s telematics systems, it’s possible to minimize the risks for the drivers while boosting response times. Most importantly, telematics can help police, paramedics, and first responders to save as many lives as possible. With Mobilizz’s™ advanced software and hardware telematics solutions, you can get extensive telematics data that can give you full insights into your fleet. Our telematics solutions are much more than just GPS dots on a map!

So what is possible with police and first responder fleet management solutions from Geotab and powered by Mobilizz™? Here are a few of the key advantages:

  • Follow fleet movements live with Active Tracking
  • Driver safety scorecard and seat belt detection
  • Monitor lights, sirens, gun racks, and more with IOX expansion
  • Dispatching and route optimization
  • High-performance GPS technology
  • Advanced dashboard reports
  • Free and open APIs for CAD integration
  • Marketplace Apps and Add-Ons

High-performance GPS & monitoring

When it comes to police and first responder fleet management, the Mobilizz™ system uses the Geotab GO9 telematics device. This plug-and-play hardware solution is by far the most accurate and advanced telematics device on the market. It provides automatic location monitoring as soon as a vehicle starts up and offers real-time data on your fleets.

To help you cut costs and decrease risks, the GO9 also gives insights into the activities of your drivers. Using the MyGeotab police fleet manager, you can easily view data on speeding, fuel consumption, driving habits, and in-vehicle coaching. What’s more, it offers harsh-event data logging (e.g., acceleration) and collision reconstruction.

All of that data provides insights into how your Police or First Responder is operating from a driver behavior aspect, which will improve overall driver safety. Do your sheriffs, deputies, and police officers adhere to internal safety protocols and the law? Or do you need to use your telematics data to set new performance benchmarks? You could utilize systems like Mobilizz’s™ telematics solutions to reinvent your law enforcement agency! The data collected every day also provides detailed information for future driver training.

Furthermore, Mobilizz’s™ solutions allow you to minimize idle times, assess engine use, and even create custom reports and rules for your needs. Ultimately, your fleet will be running with increased driver accountability, streamlined dispatching, and faster response times. If you think about the possibilities, you could truly transform your Police and First Responder services with Mobilizz’s™ solutions!

Advanced insights and reporting

And how can you increase response times for firefighters, paramedics, and healthcare professionals? With Mobilizz™ telematics and Geotab routing solutions, you can gain real-time location updates and track the response times. Telematics can also allow dispatchers to determine the quickest and safest route for large fire trucks and ambulances.

What’s more, your dispatchers can send navigation instructions quickly, and each trip can end with a summarized overview. This gives first responder agencies full control over all management data. Essentially, first responder and ambulance fleet tracking solutions allow you to save more lives and prevent more accidents.

Another thing that could damage the efficiency of your fleet is a lack of preventative maintenance. With telematics, you can prevent wear and tear on most fleet vehicles by tracking engine fault codes, monitoring or reducing engine idling, and keeping an eye on engine measurements such as oil life remaining to prevent engine damage.

Driver Safety

Last but not least, our fleet management systems can give your drivers complete peace of mind. With location tracking, trip management, and in-vehicle coaching, your drivers will be safer than ever.

Geotab devices installed and set up by Mobilizz™ offer audible notifications and immediate feedback in case a driver does not adhere to the safety policies. That enables drivers to take corrective actions quickly. Also, with our seatbelt detection feature or in-reverse monitoring, you can prevent injuries and accidents in the fast-paced world of first responders. In the end, our solutions minimize the risks while keeping our real-world superheroes safe!

The Best Backup You Can Get

Telematics systems are transforming the way police and first responders operate. They can streamline your workflow, monitor and protect your drivers, and cut maintenance costs.

The end result is a much safer community with a lower crime rate and much more effective first responder units. So get in touch with Mobilizz™ today, and we’ll reshape your fleet management systems!