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Dash cameras

Gain a complete picture of your business and protect your vehicles, assets, reputation and staff with cloud-based dash cameras.

Protect Your Fleet And Staff With Our Dash Camera And Video Telematics Solutions.

What sets our cams apart?

Although we use the term ‘Dash Camera’, our camera solutions actually install near the top of the windshield, so as not to distract the driver. They are then plugged into the ECM port of the vehicle to make installation simple and easy. On top of this, our cameras are designed and built to withstand the harsher conditions that a commercial vehicle operates in, such as temperature, vibration and dust.

Integrated with our online fleet management platform.

Our cameras are fully integrated with Geotab, which means you can access all of your videos from one single portal and login. The integration also means you can tie your Exception Rules to the cameras to capture the specific video clips you need to see.

Video Telematics

Some of our cameras also include full telematics functionality, which means you don’t need to use multiple systems. On top of video, you also get location, engine and driver behaviour data from one single piece of hardware.

Connected Camera Solutions

Our windshield mounted dash cameras come with a wide range of connected camera solutions, giving your fleet plenty of options to suits your specific needs. Add multiple cameras to your vehicles, exterior sensors, blind spot detection and more to give you full 360 degree visibility of your fleet and its surroundings.

Designed specifically for commercial fleets, ruggedized dash cameras help protect your business with high-resolution footage of what is occurring on the road and around the vehicle.

Unlike retail dash cameras designed for the individual, fleet dash cameras are cloud-based which means you can view video footage and find clips you need in seconds. They can also capture critical incidents, connect to multiple cameras around the vehicle and have an interior-facing camera with built in Artificial Intelligence (AI).


  • Protect Your Business And Decrease Claims Costs
  • Reduce Claims Frequency
  • Reduce Legal And Admin Costs
  • Identify Risky Drivers
  • Proactively Coach Drivers
  • Reduce Insurance Premiums

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