Supercharge your utility operations

Mobilizz™ provides a reliable telematics solution that you can count on in the event of an unexpected outage or emergency

Time is of the essence

In an emergency situation, every second counts. That’s why it’s critical to have a reliable telematics solution that can quickly and accurately track the location of your vehicles and provide real-time updates on their progress. This quick access to information allows you to ease customer concerns with confidence.

Ensure safety for the lone worker

In the utilities industry, it’s common for workers to operate in remote locations by themselves. This makes ensuring their safety a top priority. With advanced monitoring capabilities available through telematics, you can have peace of mind knowing that your workers are following proper safety protocols and the vehicle they are driving is sound enough to complete the job at hand.

Prepare for repairs

Telematics technology offers an invaluable insight into the performance of your fleet. By fully comprehending the story that the data tells, you could save thousands of dollars every year on unforeseen repairs. This in-depth data not only tells you how your fleet is currently operating, but it gives you an idea of what maintenance is needed in the near future so you never miss a beat. 

In-depth insights allow you to:

  • Ensure workers are following safety protocols
  • Save money on unforeseen repairs
  • Automate your vehicle maintenance schedules
  • Quickly respond to emergencies
  • Locate your vehicles with accuracy
  • Maintain high customer satisfaction
  • Reduce administrative labor

A study on a utility fleet showed that telematics reduced idling time by 40% with

savings of $50,000.

A game changer for the fleet has been in the health of its vehicles. Maintenance has never been better.

Dave Dunlop – Maintenance and Fleet Coordinator, Belleville Police Service

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