Release the power and potential of OEM telematics from one platform

Our OEM Data Platform allows you to view and manage all of your vehicle and equipment data from one easy-to-use telematics dashboard

Works with industry-leading OEMs, no hardware installation necessary

Access OEM-specific vehicle information from built-in, tamper-proof OEM hardware and sensors., including light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles, trailers, and construction and heavy equipment, to make it easy for fleets to get the data they need without installing new hardware.

How does the OEM platform work?

  1. Vehicles and assets collect data and upload it to an OEM cloud.
  2. OEM data is transferred to Geotab’s highly secure OEM Data platform cloud.
  3. Geotab standardizes the data to provide a seamless experience between all vehicle data.
  4. Data is funneled into Geotab’s web-based fleet management software, integrating all vehicle data into a single platform for quicker, better-informed decisions for your business.

OEM benefits

Let us show you how to access OEM telematics data