Fleet Management Online

Our Web-Based Fleet Management Software Allows You To Manage All Of Your Assets From One Place, Letting You Make Quicker Decisions

The Operating System (OS) For Your Fleet

Think of us as the Operating System for your fleet. Our fleet management software not only brings in the data from our GO9 telematics device, but also the GO Rugged, battery/solar powered asset trackers, dash cameras and more, putting your entire fleet and assets at your fingertips. To extend the value of the data, fleet managers can leverage the open Software Development Kit (SDK), customizing the software to meet exact fleet needs.

Access 24/7

Our platform gives you 24/7 access to your connected fleet ecosystem’s data, from a web browser or mobile app. The User Hierarchy system lets you control what your staff can see and do within the platform.

Real-Time Alerts And Notifications

The Rules feature can be configured based on your specific needs and requirements, letting you create as many custom rules as your business and fleet need. These rules have a variety of notification options, from email alerts to pop-ups, and even in-vehicle coaching and alerts, so you don’t miss out on anything critical happening your fleet and staff.

Real-Time Alerts And Notifications

Key Software Features

Advanced Reporting

Create, run and deliver the information you want, the way you want it, and when you want it. Start with our standard reports, and make them more meaningful by tailoring them to your exact fleet needs.

Driver Behavior Management

Influence safe driving behavior with in-vehicle driver feedback and coaching tools. Drivers that share vehicles are still individually identified with Driver ID NFC technology.

Robust Engine Data Reporting

The GO device collects and responds to common status information in your vehicle. This includes engine RPM, engine light, seatbelt, odometer, engine hours, emissions, vehicle identification number (VIN), and vehicle battery voltage.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

See vehicle location in near real-time and a complete trips history. Our patented algorithms provide accurate, detailed information. Get fast, precise updates with Active Tracking and manage driver privacy with Privacy Mode.

Route Optimization

Reduce vehicle mileage and fuel consumption by creating zones and routes for your drivers. MyGeotab lets you compare actual versus planned routes.

Engine Health And Maintenance

Be alerted to potential critical engine health issues and easily prioritize the repairs for your vehicles. Focus on proactive vehicle maintenance by detecting issues early on and setup vehicle maintenance reminders.

Open Data Integration

The open SDK lets you integrate vehicle and location information into your company’s operations or with third-party Add-On applications.

Custom Mapping

Design your own business relevant maps which are automatically combined with the application’s vehicle information. Flexibility in map views, legends and zone shapes and sizes allow for further customization.

Device Agnostic Software

Bring your current telematics device to the platform that lets you do more with your data. Offering comprehensive dashboards, an industry-leading rules engine and customizable alerts — you will get the data you need to drive your business.

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