Each Vehicle In Your Fleet Is Generating Upwards Of 20,000 Telematics Data Points Per Day! Mobilizz™ Is Here To Help You Monitor, Decipher, Analyze And Execute Business Decisions Based On These Data Points By Making The Data Simple And Easy For You To Understand.

We Help You Make Better Decisions

Many companies rarely look at their data and even if they do look at it, many do not know how to decipher the data. All numbers tell a story and your telematics data tells an in-depth story about your fleet operations and your business. Our Big Data team can crunch the numbers for you, helping you make better and faster decisions.


The knowledge gained from benchmarking lays a solid foundation for decision-making and finding new efficiencies. Measuring your performance against 2 million+ connected vehicles in the field can uncover gaps and identify opportunities for improvement.

Telematics Data Analysis

Reading, deciphering and analyzing the data is very time consuming; you and your team have plenty of other things to do in a day. Let us do it for you! We turn your vehicle data into actionable insights to help you optimize your fleet and business. We do this by offering monthly, quarterly and annual reviews where we take all of your data, rip it apart and then sit down with you to tell you what it all means for your fleet and for your company.

Better Fleet Decisions = Better Business Decisions

Most companies make decisions based on data that is in silos or islands. What if you blended them all together? Imagine pulling in your invoices and comparing them to customer visit times to see if you are making or losing money on that customer? Or syncing up your payroll so it automatically pulls the departure and arrival times of your vehicles at your yard. This blend of telematics and business data will help you make Better Business Decisions. Our team can help you get there.

Know What To Do With The Data

Once all the data is collected and analyzed, then comes the million dollar question: What Do We Do Now?

Our team will take all of your data, and after telling you what it all means for your fleet and company, provide you details on what changes need to occur and a road map on how to implement those changes. We can help you take decisive action and achieve sustainable results.

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