Safety first, always

Proactively mitigate potential safety hazards, ensuring the safety of employees and improving the overall safety culture.

Safety never stops

Gain critical real-time data that enables you to ensure the safety of your employees. With access to information on equipment usage and driver behavior, you can take proactive measures to mitigate potential safety hazards and prevent accidents before they happen.

Data driven decisions

Streamline your safety strategy with Mobilizz’s™ data analysis. Our experts will decipher the data, allowing you to focus on your job. By evaluating employee performance and identifying training needs, the data we collect will help you improve safety protocols and mitigate risks. Let us help you make informed decisions for a safer working environment

Conquering compliance challenges

Ensure compliance with policies and laws by receiving real-time data on employee behavior and equipment usage. Automated alerts and notifications enable proactive measures to reduce risks and prevent accidents, promoting a more compliant workplace.

Real-time data allows you to:

  • Strengthen compliance monitoring
  • Minimize accidents and injuries
  • Monitor equipment
  • Receive maintenance alerts
  • Streamline resource allocation
  • Implement risk management strategies

From 2017-2021 a total of 242 Law Enforcement officers were killed in traffic crashes

47% of them were not wearing their seat belt.

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“We’ve seen a reduction in our claims & collisions because of the speed reports and the seatbelt reports that we receive on a weekly basis. In an accident investigation, it’s been pivotal.”

Sheri Meeks – Safety Inspector, Belleville Police Service Support Division

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