The most powerful telematics device on the market

Built to support your fleet now and into the future

Easy plug and play installation

It all starts in the vehicle. The Geotab GO9 is a small form-factor device that simply plugs directly into your vehicle’s OBDII port. If your vehicle or truck does not have an OBDII, an adapter can be used instead. The installation process is quick, easy, and doesn’t require any special tools or the assistance of a professional installer.

#1 in Cybersecurity

Geotab works with Industry Associations, Universities, and Authorities to advance cybersecurity in the telematics industry. Geotab incorporates the best of what they learn into Geotab and validates their implementation through rigorous third-party penetration testing. Device security features are implemented using a FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module. Certificate #3371.
Other certifications and authorizations include FedRAMP and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System

WiFi Hotspot

Take Wi-Fi with you wherever you go. Stay connected to high-speed Internet that doesn’t drain your data. The compact GO9+ provides everything you need for your office on wheels. Improve efficiency and decrease costs. Stay productive and safe.

Secure Data

Protect your data with Geotab’s end-to-end platform security Geotab uses authentication, encryption, and message integrity verification for Geotab GO vehicle tracking devices and network interfaces. Each Geotab GO tracking device uses a unique ID and non-static security key, making it difficult to fake a device’s identity. Over-the-air updates use digitally-signed firmware to verify that updates comes from a trusted source. Our security strengths:

Engine Diagnostics for vehicle health insights

Extract valuable information on vehicle health and status. Record VIN, odometer, engine faults and more. This data not only helps prioritize vehicle maintenance, but also helps audit vehicle use to identify both safe and risky driving habits.

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