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What Can Geotab Telematics Do For Your Fleet Management?

There’s no question that Geotab’s telematics system can do wonders for your fleet management system.  It can increase ROI, improve driver performance, increase productivity, and provide safer roads. But how does it exactly do these things?  What benefits can your business actually enjoy when you use Geotab on your fleet operations?

The potential of Geotab to help commercial vehicle fleets encompasses more than merely cutting fuel costs and making operations run more smoothly.  Its proven ability to improve a company’s financial performance not only allows companies to increase profits but also ensures safer roads and reduction of fuel consumption for a lesser carbon footprint.

Because of real-time tracking on a map, fleet managers can boost fleet and driver productivity.  Features and Add-Ons allow for data analysis that can lead managers to make better-informed decisions on subsequent trips and routes.

The ability to oversee all aspects of operations allow fleet managers to run operations more smoothly and seamlessly, allowing companies to do more and achieve more each day.  With Geotab’s many capabilities, fleet managers can effortlessly maximize operations, not just on a day to day basis, but on a real-time, immediate basis.

With Geotab’s capacity for productivity tracking, a company’s returns on investments in achieved much faster.

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Geotab’s GPS tracking system allows fleet managers to optimize their business to its full potential.  They are able to do this by making better decisions based on data received, better manage routes, and improve driver management.

With Geotab, fleet managers can have the ability to :

Save on Fuel

With the data managers receive, they can analyze which routes consume fuel the most, allowing them to make adjustments on other possible routes that may require less fuel for reduced fuel consumption, and thereby, reducing fuel costs.

Plan Better Routes

With data received on fuel consumption and delivery time, managers can make better decisions on which routes require less fuel and less time.  By taking a look at alternative routes that might require less fuel and less time, managers are able to increase profit while also improving delivery duration.

Manage Vehicle Maintenance

Geotab provides engine and vehicle data, allowing managers to gauge whether or not their vehicles need their much-needed maintenance now or later on.  Managers can also create scheduled maintenance so they are notified when maintenance is needed to be done on their vehicles.

The ability to manage vehicle maintenance minimizes potential repairs and reduces the risk of accidents on the road.  In general, Geotab allows for better vehicle maintenance and road safety.

Better Accident Response

As soon as an accident occurs, managers will immediately be notified, allowing businesses to act quickly, as well as help them determine the cause of the accident.

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Safety is one of the top priorities of any business.  Moreso if your business involves heavy trucks, vehicles, and commercial transportation.  When vehicles are involved, safety is a must. And for Geotab, your fleet, drivers, and society in general benefit from the safety benefits brought about by this telematics solution.


How?  Through the information, Geotab provides fleet managers. This information includes:

  • Real Time Vehicle Location
  • Driver Performance
  • Engine Performance


Geotab provides real-time GPS location of your trucks so you know if they’re on track and on time.  When they deviate from the route, you can instantly call their attention and help them get back on track.  It allows you to get real-time information on where your trucks or vehicle is, what it’s doing, and you can estimate its time of arrival.  The more information you have of your fleet, the better you can manage and control your operations and logistics.

Geotab also reports driver performance and activities such as seatbelt use, speeding, idling, and other activities, allowing you to provide instant driver feedback through the Add-On GO TALK, where you can notify your driver through spoken word or through a buzzer.  When your driver is given an alert, it makes them more aware of their performance and behavior on the road.

Engine performance is also reported through the Geotab, so you are aware of your vehicle’s current state and inputs.  Details such as the status of your vehicle’s lights, doors, brakes, and engines allow you to prevent accidents on the road by knowing certain parts of your vehicle need to be repaired or replaced before it needs to.


Making Roads Safer for Everyone

The massive damage truck accidents cause on major highways is devastating.  With Geotab, you can prevent such accidents from occurring with the information collected from the device.  When you have data regarding your drivers’ behavior, such as aggressive driving, speeding, or harsh braking, you are able to call their attention or make the necessary disciplinary actions.

Geotab’s benchmarking feature also allows managers to track drivers’ personal levels of risk and safety.

The device’s ability to gather data on its engine also helps to prevent vehicle-in reverse, one of the main causes of parking lot accidents in the US.  Geotab’s technology can detect when the vehicle is in reverse and allows managers to alert their drivers when this happens, therefore reducing the possibilities of in-reverse accidents on the road.


Safety for Society as a Whole

Aside from driver and road safety in relation to your business and the direct routes of your fleet, the data you receive from Geotab can also benefit society as a whole.

Geotab can detect areas or roads that are prone to accidents.  The data can be used to identify intersections that are the most dangerous for commuters, which you can provide to municipalities and governments.  This provided data can then help such departments to make road or traffic investments where it matters the most.


Reduce Carbon Emissions

Safety for the environment is an indirect benefit that end-users of Geotab provide.  Because you are able to prioritize fuel efficiency, your company emits a reduced carbon footprint, making your impact on the environment greatly reduced.

You can reduce fuel use by improving route choices with the most efficiency, maintaining vehicle engine performance, tighter audits of fuel purchased versus fuel consumed, and tracking and managing idling, speeding, and aggressive driving.

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In both the US and Canada, strict ELD Mandate compliance must be adhered to by fleet companies.  ELD stands for Electronic Logging Device, which is a hardware attached to a commercial truck or van’s engine to record data regarding driving hours.  The device monitors the vehicle’s engine if it’s running, moving, how many miles it has been driven, as well as duration of engine operation. Basically, ELDs are designed to help streamline driver workflow and communication.

The ELD Mandate is required by the US federal government, as well as the Canadian federal government.  The purpose of the Mandate is to promote safer roads and fewer injuries for commercial drivers, and everyday vehicles that share the road.  Non-compliance can cause fleet companies hefty penalty fines, and even out-of-service orders, which are both costly for the company.

Geotab supports fleet operators’ ELD compliance, such as HOS (hours of service), Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting, and Driver ID among many other ELD requirements.

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Geotab Roadside

With features that greatly improve and benefit fleet operators and the public in general, Geotab brings customer service to the next level with their Geotab Roadside service.

Available for select ProPlus customers, Geotab Roadside is available 24/7, 365 days a year for Geotab owners in the US and Canada.  It’s the company’s fast, reliable, and efficient roadside service available anywhere and at any time.

Drivers and fleet managers can simply call or tap to request assistance, and the nearest service provider will be dispatched to the vehicle’s exact location.


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