Smash your long term sustainability goals by improving efficiency and reducing emissions

Reduce vehicle Idling

Leveraging telematics gives you the ability to monitor vehicle idling time, allowing you to implement a strategy to reduce fuel and save on maintenance costs associated with idling. You will receive emission alerts that give you an insight to each vehicle so you can correct unsustainable driving practices.

Improve fuel efficiency

Fuel remains one of the most costly and environmentally damaging components of running a fleet, so in order to improve your costs and carbon footprint, you need data With intelligent analysis, you can quickly identify the areas for improvement and take corrective action to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Electrify your fleet

Mobilizz™ can provide you with insight into your current fleet, delivering rich data that can tell you which vehicles can be seamlessly transitioned to an EV (electric vehicle). By using the data collected, Mobilizz™ can conduct an EV Sustainability Assessment (EVSA) that can tell you which vehicles are best suited for electrification. Once your vehicles have been electrified, your EV data can tell you about energy consumption, battery life, temperature and location.

Achieve your sustainability goals by:

  • Improving fuel efficiency
  • Identifying poor driver habits
  • Identifying which vehicles to electrify
  • Reducing your CO2 emissions
  • Encouraging a sustainable culture
  • Educating drivers on eco-friendly practices
  • Optimize routes

A study showed that telematics can assist in cutting fuel costs by

up to 14%

It was very clear from the start that Mobilizz™ was a good long-term partnership and we’ve never looked back.

Joe Myderwyk, – Director of Information Technology Services, Belleville Police Service

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