Stolen Vehicle Recovery: Why Real-time GPS Fleet Tracking Systems are a Must

October 7, 2021

For many businesses, your trucks, vehicles and equipment are your main assets. They take a considerable amount of capital and expense, but they’re also the reason why your company exists.

Unfortunately, these assets are also what attracts potential thieves. According to the FBI, a vehicle is being stolen in the United States every 33 seconds. In another data by Interpol, the illicit trafficking of vehicles reveals an estimated 19 Billion Dollars of criminal earnings in the world every year.

This data reveals that vehicle theft is a potential threat for any fleet. And while vehicle recovery in previous years had always been a challenge, thanks to recent technology, it has become easier for companies and law enforcement to find stolen vehicles.

Stolen vehicle recovery has been easier in recent years through GPS tracking systems.

So why are GPS Tracking Systems a Must for Fleets?

Your cars, delivery trucks, vehicles and equipment are the reasons why your business exists. This means that you should protect them by every available means.

In the United States and increasingly in Canada, vehicle theft is a significant problem. In fact, it is estimated that businesses and fleet based companies, incur 1.2 million vehicles are stolen each year in the US alone.

A GPS tracking system is the best solution to help reduce your risk. With real-time tracking, alerts to notify you of unauthorized movement, and GPS coordinates of your vehicle’s location, you can work with your local law enforcement agency to track and recover your asset before any major damage is done.

Beyond the hard costs of vehicles or equipment going missing, theft results in considerable collateral damage to the rest of an organization. Preventing thefts means keeping schedules and deliveries on time, increased accountability and trust with customers, as well as reduced stress on your drivers and staff. Avoiding thefts through telematics means saving time, money, and lives.

Here are 3 Reasons a Vehicle Recovery System is of Benefit to Your Business


1. Early Detection and Real-time Alerts

A GPS tracking system installed in your fleet of vehicles provides you with necessary information to help you and local law enforcement to track the location of your trucks, vans, cars, or equipment.

Most of these tracking systems also feature an alert or notification sent to your telematics mobile apps or central tracking system, reporting any unauthorized use or any movement outside the geofence that you created for your fleet.

By giving you an alert or early warning, you can instantly know if someone has moved your vehicle without your permission. You can then notify law enforcement, so you can track its movement and location.

The faster you inform the police, the more likely the crime will be caught in progress, and you can prevent further damage to your asset. Early detection can also prevent your vehicle from being a complete loss if dismantled and sold as parts.

2. Reduce Insurance Costs

Most insurance companies offer a special discount to fleets that use telematics systems on their vehicles. This is because a telematics system such as a GPS tracker can prevent the likelihood of theft, and increase the possibility of stolen vehicle theft recovery.

Most telematics systems also include a fleet dashcam, where you can prove your driver’s innocence, in cases of incidents where your employee wasn’t at fault, preventing you from filing a costly claim.

When it comes to theft, however, speed is of the essence and if it takes them a considerable amount of time to damage or remove a complicated GPS tracker, then a criminal will likely move on to their next target.

And lastly, a GPS tracking system and dashcam can simply deter potential theft of your vehicles. Criminals targeting company fleets know that their every move is being recorded and tracked and that their chances of being caught and the vehicle recovered is significantly higher.

3. Turn on More Features as You Need

Whether you have electric delivery vans, or huge trucks and equipment in your fleet, Mobilizz™ telematics solutions powered by Geotab can measure and optimize just about everything! Not only that, our deeply experienced team are here to work with owners and fleet managers to review and improve every aspect of their fleet.

One exciting relatively new GPS tracking technology being utilized by companies is Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth, you can keep track of high value assets like tools, scrap metal bins, big wooden cable reels etc. In the event they are stolen, you know the last known location in your telematics dashboard instantaneously!

With newer and improved technologies and updated systems that are being created on a daily basis, Mobilizz™ customers experience not only stolen vehicle recovery that is much faster, easier, and more efficient but also a complete and highly capable GPS tracking system.