Everything You Need to Know About the Canadian ELD Mandate

October 7, 2021

If you have a Canadian fleet company or are a Canadian truck driver, chances are, you’ve heard about the Canadian ELD Mandate.

To be fully implemented by June 2021, non-compliance of the said mandate will cause hefty fines and out-of-service orders, which can be a major headache to both the company and the driver.

So what is this ELD mandate all about and why is it crucial to your profession or business?

Here is a simple explanation of what the Canadian ELD Mandate is all about.

What is the ELD Mandate For?

ELD stands for Electronic Logging Device. This device is attached to a vehicle’s engine control module (ECM) and it’s a piece of hardware that tracks HOS compliance. It mandates both the drivers and the trucking company to adhere to the strict rules put in place to improve the safety of those who use the roads.

The mandate is implemented to help streamline workflow and communication. Long gone are the days where drivers record their hours of service on pen and paper. Once the mandate is implemented, drivers are required to log in their hours of work through the device.

ELD decreases major errors and illegal manipulation of driving hours.














What is the Canadian ELD Mandate?

The Canadian ELD Mandate requires all trucks in Canada to use ELD devices. The use of pen and paper for driver logs is no longer accepted and in its place are computerized logs to track the driver’s hours.

The Canadian and US ELD mandates are similar in about 75% of their rules and regulations with both countries having the same mission towards safer roads and fewer injuries for drivers, as well as everyone who shares the roads.

Many trucks that don’t cross the border to the US don’t have ELDs yet but those who do cross the border have been required to have it since the US mandate was implemented in 2019.

For the Canadian ELD mandate, all trucks that operate within Canada are now required to have ELDs, whether or not they cross the border.

Who Is Behind This Mandate?

While the Canadian ELD Mandate is modeled after the US mandate, they differ in some aspects. The US mandate is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration while the Canadian mandate is regulated by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, who are also developing their own set of rules.









How Does the ELD Mandate Benefit Trucking Companies?

Safety is not the only benefit ELDs bring to drivers, trucking companies, and the road. Other benefits of the mandate include:

  • Increased driver downtime
  • Faster roadside inspection by MTO officers
  • Improved efficiency of deliveries that will reduce customer costs
  • Avoid undue stress on staff and drivers by using an electronic device

The Canadian Trucking Association (CTA) has known the benefits of ELDs for many years and they’ve been lobbying for the transition for the past 10 years.

Are There Exemptions to the Canadian ELD Mandate?

There are a few exceptions to the Canadian ELD Mandate, and these are:

  • Commercial vehicles manufactured before the year 2000
  • Commercial vehicles subject to rental agreements with terms below 30 days
  • Commercial vehicles that have a statutory exemption
  • Commercial vehicles that operate under a permit from a territorial or provincial HOS director



Finding a Canadian Compliant Device

If you’re already shopping for an ELD device, then you must ensure that it is Canadian-compliant. There are many options in the market but not all devices will work for you and your fleet’s needs.

The best thing to do since June 2021 is still over a year away is to start looking for a device now. The earlier you start to make the transition, the better.

By starting early, you can begin with different devices to make sure the ELD you use is the best one for your needs and for your trucks.

There is substantial research that has proven that fleets who started to adopt ELDs early, have learned to use the devices in ways which allowed their company to enjoy a list of benefits, such as reduced fuel costs, improved road safetyimproved driver retention, and other benefits.

Why Use Mobilizz™?

Mobilizz™ provides ELDs that are not only Canadian-compliant but also certified for use in Canada. They partner with the top ELD device company in the world, offering high-quality devices with topnotch customer service that includes technicians who can work with you to create applications and software that meet your company’s needs.

Mobilizz™ is fully compliant and software-driven, helping you adhere to the strict rules and regulations set by the Canadian ELD mandate in a quick and painless operation.