Fleet Management Solutions Boost Fleet & Driver Productivity

Detailed and Accurate Trip Recording

Geotab’s patented breadcrumb trail tracking offers the most advanced insight into your drivers’ on-road performance. At every turn, curve, and stop, Geotab technology records all driving details and compares that data to company policies defined in the software. This allows the fleet to manage by exception and highlight if something is outside of the company policy. Place your mouse over the trip trail for details on speed, road travelled, and policy violations.

Trip and Activity Management

Recreate any trip from any point in time. Geotab’s fleet management software provides detailed reporting into drivers work time allocation, including time of arrival and departure, driving time, speed, and locations visited. Increasingly accurate location data.

Real-time Tracking on a Map

For real-time tracking, open the map and select the vehicles you’d like to see. Hover over the vehicle location to see details such as arrival times and the speed while driving.

Manage Your Trips, Anytime

Geotab’s productivity reports can help you visualize your fleet and driver activities throughout the day. With easily stored trip history information, you can recreate any of your trips at any time and for any date specified. This includes in-depth views for time spent at the office, on the road, and at customer locations. What’s more, you can see a summarized view of all your trip information, including fleet performance metrics such as most driven asset, and average fuel economy.

Track Your Fleet with Real-time Location Tracking

Active tracking for vehicle location and safety, provides fast and precise location updates. With Geotab’s patented algorithms, you can draw additional insights into driver behavior, vehicle performance and road or environmental conditions.


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Match Drivers with Vehicles Using NFC

With a simple tap of the NFC fob, Geotab’s Driver ID solution allows reporting by either the driver or the vehicle asset. NFC technology helps managers keep track of each driver’s productivity and on-road safety – no matter which vehicle they are in.

Send Routes and View Driver Statuses

Simplify your communication with your drivers. Route information can be sent to your Garmin, which automatically navigates drivers to new destinations. Driver status can also be set to “on the job” and vehicle colors can be changed on the map according to their status.visited.increasingly accurate location data.

Create Any Number of Custom Rules

MyGeotab is fully customizable, including setting up how you want to see your data. The fleet tracking system also provides unlimited possibilities to create custom rules and reports that suit your exact fleet needs.

Transforming Fleet Management

The quality of the decisions you make are only as good as the information you receive. Learn about Geotab’s five pillars of innovation that can help boost your fleet and driver productivity.

Geotab’s 5 Pillars of Innovation

Geotab is governed by its 5 pillars of innovation to boost your fleet and driver productivity.  Using these 5 pillars, your Geotab telematics system allows you to transform your fleet operations for improved productivity and thereby improving your business solutions.

These are the 5 Pillars of Innovation:

Both Canada and the US have ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Mandates that must be met by fleet operators.  Without the compliance of these ELD Mandates, your fleet operations are not legally allowed to operate.

ELD Compliance includes Hours of Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR), and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Reporting, among other requirements for compliance.

Geotab’s smart mobile apps allow for the simplification of ELD compliance for drivers.

Whether your fleet consists of heavy ten-wheeler trucks or delivery vans, we have everything you need to meet compliance requirements.

To optimize the productivity of both your fleet and drivers, a number of features are needed to operate.  Among these features found in Geotab include real-time tracking, custom rules, and reports, detailed and accurate trip recording, as well as managed trips.

Using the data received by Geotab, fleet managers take full advantage of the information received to make better decisions on subsequent trips and operations.  The more data received and the more analysis is done, the better it is for fleet managers to create action plans for improved productivity.

Driver safety doesn’t just involve reducing personal injury, vehicle damage, and road accidents.  Safety means a multitude of factors, which include improved fuel economy, better management of drivers to maintain positive company reputation, as well as clean motor vehicle licenses.

With Geotab’s features offering insights into driving behavior, safety reports are provided with the aim of reducing occurrences of accidents and supporting company policies.

With Geotab’s features, risk and safety reports are assessed, providing information that allows for instant notifications of driver behavior that deviates from the company policies.  One of Geotab’s features that support its safety policy is the Add-On called GO TALK, which is an in-vehicle verbal feedback solution intended to correct or reprimand drivers who are deviating from company rules.

Additionally, the availability of instant notifications for accidents and emergencies allows Geotab users to instantly provide support or help in emergency situations.

As a global leader in telematics, Geotab provides expandability features to provide endless possibilities for its users to take full advantage of its hardware and software systems.

The means for expandability allowed by Geotab include IOX Technology, an open SDK, Add-Ins, and Add-Ons.

With the capacity for customization, Geotab creates a telematics system that is all-inclusive of all software and hardware provided by 3rd party vendors already in use or about to be used by the Geotab user.

With the aim of providing Geotab as the single platform for all its operations, Geotab’s expandability feature paves the way for unlimited capacities for fleet operators.

Geotab’s fleet optimization solutions allow for a variety of benefits that make their telematics solution the most efficient in the market.

Reduced fuel costs, improved route mapping, and planning, extending vehicle life through scheduled maintenance, engine notifications, improved driver behavior tracking allows Geotab users to take full advantage of the telematics system.

These 5 pillars of innovation allow Geotab to provide unmatched features for its end users to transform their fleet management.  Utilizing each of these pillars has provided Geotab with comprehensive tools to reach any fleet operator’s maximum potential in terms of turning any regular fleet operations or logistics business top-of-the-line and efficient.

Features for Improved Fleet Productivity for Geotab Users

In fleet operations, the more productive your vehicles are, the more ROI your business achieves.  And with Geotab providing more opportunities for increased ROI, more fleet businesses can take full advantage of what Geotab has to offer.

For improved fleet and driver productivity, four major Geotab features are aimed to deliver this very need:

Driver Tracking

With driver tracking features, fleet managers can improve their drivers’ behavior and performance through a number of driver tracking features.

Among these features include a robust array of driver tracking and coaching tools.  You can find the right solutions for your business, by making use of data provided such as scorecards, trend reports, collision avoidance systems, and even real-time location tracking.

Routing and Dispatching

With data provided by Geotab, managers can create specific routes that are the most efficient to fulfill their business needs in the least time and with the least amount of money spent.  Rerouting routes allow businesses to reduce fuel costs and increase faster turnaround for improved efficiency.

With Geotab’s routing solutions, improved productivity helps to lower costs while also providing a safer and more efficient route.

Asset Tracking and Management

Because of Geotab’s GPS and cellular tracking, managers can have peace of mind knowing where all of their high valued assets are located.  Whether your trucks or vehicles are underground or under tunnels, Geotab has the ability to track your assets wherever they may be. And with real-time tracking, you can simply hover over the vehicles that are on the move, seeing them move on the map, allowing you to assess their efficiency, as well as estimated time of delivery.

With Geotab, you can track your assets with ease.

Fleet Management Reports

While Geotab presents its standard and ready-made software and features, the systems you use can actually be customized according to your business needs.  With in-house developers, Geotab and Mobilizz work hand in hand to provide easy-to-use applications, whether ready made or customized, so that fleet operators can receive fleet management reports that are essential for day to day operations and subsequent fleet operations.

At Mobilizz, allow us to show you how easy it is to use our software and hardware fleet devices to improve your fleet and driver productivity, thereby, increasing your business productivity.