Benefits of Construction Equipment Telematics

October 7, 2021

Construction Fleet Tracking

Today, construction companies work overtime. If you look around, there’s a construction site around virtually every corner, filled with heavy equipment and vehicles. In order to carry out a job properly and without any delays, companies have to worry about every single detail. Everything is usually tightly scheduled. The margins are narrow, and any downtime can severely affect the workflow.

That’s where telematics systems come in! With the development of technology nowadays, telematics data include so much more than just a simple GPS location. With the extensive data and intelligence Mobilizz™ provides, you can optimize your productivity, the safety of your employees, and fleet management. Let’s check out how telematics does it!

GPS Trackers

Mobilizz™ utilizes the Geotab GO9, which is a device you plug directly into your vehicle. As soon as you turn your vehicle on and start driving, the GO9 starts working as well. It will provide you with the exact location of your vehicle, which you can follow in real-time.

Furthermore, the GO9 is there to record all kinds of data regarding your fleet, not just the location. The GO9 goes into great detail about elements of the workflow, such as engine hours, fault codes, trip fuel used, and so on. Depending on what your priorities are, you can also focus on other data points, such as engine temperature and equipment events (opening doors, starting the engine, etc.).

Apart from knowing exactly where your equipment is at any point in time, there are many other benefits to GPS tracking. For instance, you can also track the behavior of your drivers and provide them with in-vehicle coaching. This can be related to their safety (let’s say they haven’t put the seatbelt on). Alternatively, you can also track their idle times and speeding habits. This way, you can reduce fuel consumption and significantly reduce costs. In the event of an accident, you will receive thorough forensic data. This will allow you to reconstruct the accident and know exactly what happened and how.


GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment

A tracking solution for your vehicles makes sense without a second thought, but why use a heavy-equipment tracking system? Well, with Mobilizz™, you can eradicate issues with productivity, efficiency, theft, and maintenance. With the amount of data you receive, you will be able to tell exactly how your fleet works without even being at the job site. You will know how much time any given piece of equipment spends working and how much time it spends idling. Heavy equipment that is idle is a huge money-waster due to the unnecessary consumption of fuel. This way, you will be able to see how much your equipment actually works. Consequently, you will optimize your equipment management, removing bottlenecks in your system.

Additionally, the system will also notify you of any potential issues that may occur with your equipment. The best thing about this is that you get to find out about a potential problem in advance. Preventative maintenance is what every company dreams of. When you have a small problem to fix, it costs a lot less money than when a machine breaks down. You also avoid project delays as well as paying for extra parts and labor.

Theft and Asset Tracking

Finally, there’s another aspect of it that will give you greater peace of mind. As we’ve already said, the moment your vehicle (or equipment) starts running, the tracker starts running too. What’s more, you can also use keypad technology, allowing only your workers with a security number to use your equipment.
This means that you will know exactly who is at the wheel and where they are going. Obviously, it’s easier to steal a bike than heavy construction machinery. However, in 2017, the NER estimated that the value of construction equipment stolen in a year was between $300 million and $1 billion. And that’s in the United States alone.

With our trackers, you will receive an alert as soon as there’s suspicious activity. Then, you can shut down the piece of equipment in question remotely and call the police. What’s more, let’s say you want to make sure your other assets are safe. This would include containers, bed trailers, cables, etc. Well, you can do so with Mobilizz™ as we provide solar and battery-powered asset trackers as well.

Track and Optimize Your Fleet

As you can see, with a telematics system, you can seriously optimize your workflow. Simultaneously, you make sure your employees and equipment are safe. Now, the sheer amount of data can look overwhelming, which can be counterproductive if you don’t know how to deal with that. That’s why Mobilizz™ provides consulting. Our team has over two decades of experience when it comes to analyzing telematics data. We’ll make sure you understand everything about every single digit.

The future of construction equipment management is here, and it comes in the shape of a GPS tracker.