Oil, Gas & Mining

Demand site safety and compliance

Even in remote locations, Mobilizz can help you stay connected to your employees and assets.

More than a GPS

Stop guessing where your assets are and how they are performing. With access to in depth data that gives you a wide range of insights including the whereabouts of your equipment, fuel management, driver behavior, asset utilization and productivity  — you will never be left guessing again.

Safety is everything

With hazardous working conditions, It’s crucial to prioritize safety protocols to ensure your workers always make it home at the end of the day. Whether your employees are operating on the road or in the wellsite, feel confident that they are working in a safe environment.

Minimize project delays

Many job sites are in remote areas that are far from supplies and require equipment to be transported long distances to each location. With the help of real-time data, you can improve your supply chain management by optimizing transportation routes to ensure timely delivery of equipment.

With the help of telematics you can:

  • Ensure compliance with Hours of Service
  • Increase fleet visibility
  • Monitor assets and equipment to ensure timely delivery
  • Ensure drivers take the right routes
  • Prolong equipment life with maintenance updates
  • Improve the oil delivery process
  • Track down stolen equipment

In 2021, motor vehicle and transit drivers made up 16.15% of oil and gas industry injuries.

As we’ve continued the journey with Mobilizz and Geotab, we continue to find more and more data that we’re able to make use of

Joe Myderwyk, – Director of Information Technology Services, Belleville Police Service

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