Fleet, Transportation and Mobility Industry Pulse Analysis – The impact of COVID-19

October 7, 2021

Every industry is experiencing various impacts as a result of COVID-19, due to work from home orders, essential versus nonessential businesses and service designations, and restarting operations. The purpose of the Industry Pulse Checks is to provide insight into the operations and recovery of 24 specific industry, government and associations relevant to the fleet, transportation and mobility segments. The core focus is directly related to the COVID-19 impact and recovery on their overall company, operations and the industry at large which they represent.

Originally published: July 9, 2020
Source: Geotab

Taking the heartbeat of the fleet, transportation and mobility sectors

For our analysis, we contacted global bellwether clients from across a range of industries to better understand how their business, suppliers, customers and competitors have been impacted and what recovery efforts and impacts are occurring. This first summary is focused on three key areas:

  • Business impact
  • Operational impact
  • Financial impact