ELD Best Practices for Fleet Success: 9 Helpful Tips on Electronic Logging

If you are reading this now, most likely you have either deployed an electronic logging device (ELD), or you are currently grandfathered in with an existing AOBRD system in your trucks, and looking to comply with the ELD Rule. For some carriers, this was an easy task if they were already using a telematics system. For others, the process of researching and evaluating different ELD solutions may have been a months-long effort with much hard work.

Originally published: 2018
Source: Geotab

But now what?
After purchasing an ELD, you could fall into one of three categories:

  • “Things are going great!”
  • “We’re still learning.”
  • “Help! We’re struggling.”

Rolling out a new system will always come with challenges. Maybe you are new to fleet tracking technology, you have team members resistant to change, or you feel there isn’t enough time or resources to manage another system.

This white paper is designed to help you make the most of your ELDs. Geotab has compiled a number of practical tips related to training, use, and management. Read on to discover how to achieve fleet success with ELDs.