Choosing an ELD Solution: What to Ask

January 10, 2021

Choosing the right electronic logging device (ELD) is critical. By making the right decision, you can simplify compliance, increase safety, and boost efficiency. However, make the wrong decision and you could end up with unreliable technology, added costs or unexpected fees, and the possibility of starting the process all over again.

Originally published: 2021
Source: Geotab

Top Qualities to Look for in an ELD Solution

This guide outlines the key factors to consider. By going beyond price and looking at added features and security, you can find the right fit for your needs and one that will last for the long run.

But which ELD vendor is best? We put together these tips to help you out.

Check first that the ELD is self-certified

This is a critical step, as ELDs must be self-certified and registered according to the requirements of the ELD rule. What does ELD self-certification mean? Read this post for further explanation.

Don’t skip this step, as responsibility is on the carrier to verify registration. The FMCSA states: “The motor carrier is responsible for checking that their device is registered.”

To look up a solution, just type a name into the search bar. If the solution is registered, it will be listed, showing the device name, model number, software version and contact information for the provider.

Look at company details when weighing ELD options

When you choose an ELD, you’re also choosing a business partner. Therefore, evaluating the ELD manufacturer or provider is just as important as reading the technical specs.

Here are 8 things to look at when choosing an ELD provider:

  1. Years in business
  2. Company structure
  3. Number of customers and customer references
  4. Number of employees and engineers
  5. Worldwide ranking
  6. Commitment to research and development
  7. Solution partners
  8. Security policies

For advice on what features you should look for in an ELD, please read this white paper: Choosing an ELD solution: What to ask

If you already have an ELD, but are thinking of switching, read this advice.


Don’t just settle for any ELD provider. Look at vendor experience and reputation to make sure the ELD is the right fit for your fleet. Picking a reliable and reputable brand means that your company will have support as it grows or your needs change over time.