A Note from Mobilizz™: COVID-19 and Your Fleets

April 1, 2020

To our Customers and Friends,

We hope that you are all safe and well during this unexpected and trying time. These unfortunate circumstances will surely test our courage and patience over the coming months, however we are certain that by working together, we can weather this storm. After all, we as Canadians have some experience in weathering storms.

We are adhering to protocols by working remotely and moving to virtual meetings. And while we all try to leverage the technology at our disposal in an attempt to keep connected, let’s not forget that sometimes the easiest way to contact someone is to pick up the phone.

While the future remains uncertain and we adjust to a new normal, our priorities at Mobilizz™ remain unchanged: exceptional service and support to our customers. With that, we want to give you peace-of-mind with regards to the following:

1 -Data & Login Portals: There is no foreseeable unscheduled interruption to access your login portals and fleet data.

2 – Inventory: Suppliers have reassured us that there is enough inventory to last into summer.

3- Orders & Shipping: Orders continue to be received and processed in the usual manner; however, we are reducing our shipping frequency to once a week, with deliveries going out on Wednesday afternoons. Any products being sent out are being sanitized on our end, however we do advise to do the same on your end before use.

4 – Support & Communication: As always, we are here should you need us. Technical support requests can be sent to support@staging.mobilizz.flywheelsites.com. All other inquiries or concerns sent to info@staging.mobilizz.flywheelsites.com. If you prefer to chat with us over the phone, leave a voicemail at (647) 660-2200 and we will get back to you in due time.

Like most of us, your business has no doubt changed during this crisis, and will continue to do so. Our job is to make sure that you are best equipped with the knowledge and tools to leverage available telematics and data solutions of your connected fleet.

There are a number of features and reports in MyGeotab  that you may not have previously taken advantage of.  These reports and features now become important as you alter your business and the practices of your fleet assets. For example, if your vehicles are now being taken home by drivers, the Zones and After Hours Usage features and reports may be of help to you. If you are interested in learning how you can leverage the platform to your benefit, please contact your Account Manager.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you. It is organizations and teams like yours who continue to work tirelessly around the clock, boots on the ground, putting your lives at risk on the front lines, to keep ours moving as uninterrupted as possible: delivering food to our grocery stores, maintaining utilities to our homes, keeping our communities and first responders safe. You aren’t going unnoticed, even in the dead of night. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to your colleagues, families, communities, and entire country.

Stay safe and stay healthy. We will get through this, together.
Your Mobilizz™ Team

Moving You Forward

***Please feel free to pass along to the rest of your organization***