There are literally 100’s of companies in the GPS business today and like most industries growing as fast as this, there are some very good vendors and some that are, well, bad actors.

If you don’t know the right questions to ask, it’s very easy to find yourself contractually committed to something that  looked great in a demo, but in practice, doesn’t quite do what you wanted or need.

GPS or Telematics. What’s the difference?

Mobilizz is a Telematics Dealer, meaning we use GPS technology as the building block for the data and then layer vehicle information on top of it. The additional high value vehicle information, such as engine fault codes, fuel levels, how the vehicle is being driven and handled creates a Telematics platform or the ability to measure and monitor both the vehicle and the employee and transmit the data live.

What’s your Data Update or Refresh Rate?

Most GPS vendors refresh or update positioning and information based on time, typically every 2 minutes. But a lot can be lost during those 2 minutes in between. “What happened just before an accident?” for instance.

Our Patented Curve Based Algorithm replays historic data at 1 second intervals, providing the grainiest level of reporting and highest level of detail if and when you need it. Typical reporting frequency on live mapping is every 15 seconds.

Why is Engine Data Important?

Today’s modern engines provide a wealth of data respective to what’s going on with the engine, what’s wrong with it, fuel and fluid levels even if the seatbelt is done up on the passenger side.

The ability to capture, record and view this information reduces costs significantly, by fixing small faults prior to major repairs or roadside breakdowns. Diagnose faults in the field and take appropriate action. Reduce fuel costs and find the most fuel and cost efficient vehicles in your fleet.

Why is Accelerometer Data Important?

Measuring the “G” forces exerted on a vehicle is the best indicator of how the vehicle is being driven. Hard acceleration turns and stops all contribute to vehicle / tire wear, brakes and fuel. Also, an accurate accelerometer can notify of an accident and automatically upload the lastest accident related data.

“How did the back corner get crushed?”
“No idea, must have been in a parking lot.”

You will know that it was when they backed your truck into a loading dock, lamppost, etc.

Is it important that the vendor builds their own hardware and designs/ develops their own software and firmware?

Most companies in the GPS/Telematics business buy their hardware from a hardware manufacturing company ( usually off-shore) and then write and application or software for it. As the hardware manufacturer changes the firmware, the vendor spends their R&D money trying to keep up with the hardware changes and NOT on feature enhancements. They can’t change the firmware, so typically you are locked to what you bought and only get the newest features when you pay to upgrade your hardware.

Our key vendor manufactures their own hardware and software and pushes firmware changes out to our devices. Their R&D dollars are spent on new features and being able to provide more benefits to you today and in the future, without your company having to spend more dollars. Your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is greatly reduced over time.

We’re confident in providing the GPS / Telematics solution that’s right for you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help!

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