Fleet Management Consulting For Fleets of all sizes & type

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Our services help clients reduce costs, improve fleet performance, streamline operations, launch new products and services, and develop sustainable business practices.

Mobilizz offers consulting services to fleets of all sizes, with services ranging from broad base reviews to drilled down analyses of a single issue or opportunity.

Things like deciding whether you can reduce your fleet size, replacing a piece of software, integrating a new piece of software or even whether you should lease or buy your vehicles, our consulting services cover it all.

Mobilizz’s key consulting services include but are not limited to:

  •  Current fleet practices study and review
  •  Performance reviews and competiveness assessments
  •  Operational best practices design and implementation
  •  Contractor selection and negotiation
  •  Cost analysis
  •  Acquisition and disposal
  •  Risk management

Organizational philosophy

Organizational philosophy tends to drive fleet management policies and it is something we take a long look into during the consulting phase, as what may work for one fleet might not work for another, ensuring that our recommendations are tailored specifically for your fleet and your organization.

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