Big Data

Each vehicle in your fleet is generating upwards of 10,000 telematics data points per day!

Many companies rarely look at their data and even if they do look at it, many do not know how to decipher the data. What good is paying for telematics if you are not doing anything with it?  All numbers tell a story and your telematics data tells an in-depth story about your fleet operations and your business. More importantly – if you are collecting data and not doing anything about it, you are EXPOSED legally.

Mobilizz is here to help you monitor, decipher, analyze and execute business decisions based on these data points by making the data simple and easy for you to understand.


Making decisions as a fleet and as a business is always better when you know how you are doing and how you rank compared to your peers. Benchmarking makes this easy and for businesses seeking to venture into the world of big data, benchmarking provides an accessible entry point. The knowledge gained from benchmarking lays a solid foundation for decision-making and finding new efficiencies.

Measuring your performance against the field can uncover gaps and identify opportunities for improvement. Here’s why this is useful — you have the power to see what opportunities you’re leaving on the table. If your fuel economy is 30% worse than your benchmark, then you know you have an opportunity to improve and see an associated cost savings as well. Without this knowledge, you can find yourself operating in a silo and it can be difficult to understand how you’re performing against relevant benchmarks catered to fleets that are just like you.

Leveraging one of the world’s largest vehicle data sets, Mobilizz has access to aggregated data blanketing every major urban roadway in North America. The data analytics environment is updated in near real-time from millions of devices all over the world, allowing us to pull insight from billions of records in seconds. When thinking of benchmarks, think “apples to apples” and compare your fleet to other “like fleets.” Now, the concept of “like fleets” can take many shapes.

Fleet Size


Fleet Composition

type | make | model

Driving Pattern

Using Geotab’s data analytics, we’re able to segment well over 1,000,000 vehicles into clusters of driving behaviour. So, if you’re operating a fleet of 500 vehicles in a mountainous region, you’re not being compared against a fleet of 100 vehicles driving in the middle of a city.

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Big Data Telematics Analysis

Big data allows you to slice and dice the data at scale so that it makes sense and is easily digestible. However, when you are trying to slice a lot of data, it can be very very slow which is why our experts use the power of Google Big Query to handle big loads of data in seconds. We use Google Big Query to turn your vehicle data into actionable insights to help you optimize your fleet and business. We do this by offering monthly, quarterly and annual reviews where we take all of your data, rip it apart and then sit down with you to tell you what it all means for your fleet and for your company. This is where we find areas of improvement, areas you are excelling in and areas that need immediate attention. All of which are areas that usually get ignored or forgotten about because the data isn’t being looked at.

Reading, deciphering and analyzing the data is very time consuming; you and your team have plenty of other things to do in a day and splicing data is not at the top of that list. Let us do it for you!

Use Case Examples:

  • Optimize vehicle service appointments
  • Help truck drivers find parking en-route
  • Develop predictive maintenance schedules
  • Identify drivers that need additional coaching or training
  • Investigate hazardous driving areas

Better Business Decisions
with Big Data

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Your fleet is a big part of your business but it is not your entire business. Making good business decisions means having all of the facts from across all departments. However, most companies make decisions based on data that is in silos or islands. What if you blended them all together?

Instead of making fleet decisions based on telematics data and sales decisions based on sales data, what if you were making fleet decisions based on telematics, sales and accounting data? Now that would be powerful. Imagine pulling in your invoices and comparing them to customer visit times to see if you are making or losing money on that customer? Or syncing up your payroll so it automatically pulls the departure and arrival times of your vehicles at your yard.

Mobilizz’s team of Big Data scientists, developers and consultants can help walk you through the Big Data road to Better Business Decisions.

We will sit down with you to establish what your overall business objectives are. We will then identify the key data points that are most important and help pull in other business data sets to blend in with the telematics data. This blend of telematics and business data will help you make Better Business Decisions. This will make you smarter, more efficient and it will give you a significant competitive advantage.

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What We Can Do
with Big Data

Telematics, Big Data, and Analytics are the three most important ways that are pushing the fleet industry into the future.

With your telematics systems and the big data it produces, we can help transform your business.  The future of telematics is with big data. So what can we do with it?

With the information you receive, we can help you make more informed operational decisions so you can cut costs, improve logistics, and even help the community at a larger scale.

With big data, you can improve your performance as a fleet company, but also improve the behavior and performance of your drivers.

Often, drivers believe that they’re doing great at their job.  But in most cases, this isn’t actually so. Aside from vehicle data, your telematics system also provides you with driver behavior and performance.  And this can be viewed by the drivers themselves, allowing them to check on their performance, helping them correct mistakes and enhance what they do best.

Drivers can have access to GPS-related data that allows them to know what their driving style is, their speed limits, as well as their fuel consumption, and other information such as hard acceleration and braking.

With drivers being more aware, road safety and driver performance is enhanced and improved, benefiting everyone from the company, to the customers, to the community, and of course, to the drivers themselves.

On a Wider Scale

Because we’ve worked with hundreds of fleets in the industry, we also have data on other fleets that can help you improve your company.

With the data we have, we can tell you if your fleet has a safer track record than most in the industry;  or that your operations are much more efficient than the average; or whether or not your drivers’ idling time is common in a certain region.

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