At Mobilizz, we make it easy with GPS vehicle tracking.

Our experience identifies any issues early on and answers your toughest questions. From fulfillment to installation, set up to training, we’re there to guide you through the whole process and always offer on-going support as required.

Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Telematics Consulting

Fleet Management

Customer service is paramount to our business.  With years of industry knowledge on GPS Vehicle Tracking, we have the means and resources to create tailored solutions for your business.

Whether you have a fleet of 10, 100 or 1000, Mobilizz gets you the solutions you need to make the biggest decisions.

With Mobilizz, the support you need is just a short call or click away.  Take advantage of our services to get the best returns on your investments.

Big Data Analytics

With a large number of fleets come large amounts of data.  Do you really have time to slice and dice every single data point that comes to you?  As fleet managers or owners, you have better things to do with your time than reading and analyzing every information your telematics system brings.

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At Mobilizz, we are here to help you, monitor, analyze and execute the most important business decisions, all by making the data simple and easier for you to understand. 

Whether you need to assess your fleet size, your drivers’ driving pattern, fleet composition, or geography, our team has the capacity and expertise to make concise assessments of the data you receive.

You don’t have to do everything on your own.  Our team will read, decipher, and analyze your data so you can save time;  allowing you and your team to perform other duties and responsibilities that require more of your attention.

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With our expertise, splicing your data will be our responsibility so information makes sense and easily digestible.

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Telematics Consulting

Telematics uses GPS and integrated telecommunications to provide you with real-time data of your fleet operations.  However, not all companies may know the true potential of telematics solutions or how they can maximize their benefits to their full advantage.  Don’t worry, at Mobilizz, we consult on the very basics of telematics, how it works, and how it provides beneficial insights into your fleet.

Advanced telematics solutions need not be complicated.  Our team of industry experts is here to make it user-friendly and easy to understand.  When data is provided in terms that you can understand, you can get the most informative data possible so you can act fast and act right for positive results each and every time.

Combining our industry experience, our analytical skills, and the latest in fleet technology, we are well equipped to provide tailored solutions that benefit your fleet best.

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Utilize our telematics consulting expertise to identify patterns and trends, helping you make the necessary changes and improvements to improve your fleet performance.

Fewer Risks for Theft

Fleet Management Consulting

If you’re new to fleet management, everything may seem complicated and difficult to understand.  We get that, which is why our services include fleet management consulting that allows you to take advantage of our expertise and services.

While GPS Vehicle Tracking and Telematics may be new to many companies, we are proud to say that Mobilizz has been in the business of telematics solutions from the very beginning.  Since these telematics solutions have been created, we have been at the forefront of offering the best services in the industry.

And with this, we are proud of our team of industry experts, having worked with some of the largest fleets in North America.

We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual reviews, where we take all your data, decipher trends and patterns, analyze this information, and finally sit down with you to discuss what all the data could mean for your fleet.

We will work with you to determine flaws and faults, detect shortcomings and issues, as well as analyze your fleet’s best features.  And we don’t stop there.

With our expertise and longevity in the industry, this means we have the capacity to perform our services beyond what is expected, allowing you to make the most of your data.

We will help you plan the changes that need to be done, as well as provide you with a road map on how to implement these changes.

We don’t just stop at analyzing data.  We use this data to help you improve your business.  Because when you succeed, we succeed.

Offering you simple, fast, and innovative services, Mobilizz works hand in hand with you to improve your fleet management solutions.