The service industry is all about. . ., well. . . . service.  Your largest cost centre is in the field; technicians, vehicles and inventory.

Manage your cost centre and provide better customer service using world leading Telematics from Mobilizz.

Our 13+ years of GPS and Telematics experience means we’ll be able to show you ROI faster than you might believe! Below are just some of the benefits we’ll work with you to implement, measure and leverage for a smarter fleet management system that drives $$ to your bottom line.

  • Employee Safety – how is your vehicle being driven? Are your employees driving habits a threat to themselves or others?
  • Productivity – How long at site, when did they arrive, when did they leave
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Improved response time to Emergency calls
  • Manage multiple Branches and Vehicles on a local, regional and national basis
  • Routing to customer via Integrated Garmin Devices
  • Audit trail for billing discrepancies – when technicians arrived, when they left
  • Fuel Economy – reduce speeding, out of route driving, personal trips
  • Maintenance, engine fault codes and dead batteries
  • Reduced km’s driven – after hours personal use and direct routing
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums – plus the ability to manage your drivers risk

Do yourself a favour and get the most flexible, highest value Service Industry Fleet Management system matched to our service that’s unrivalled.

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