Expandability Integrating Telematics Data Throughout

Implementing telematics for your business growth means staying focused on your 5 year business plan and tapping into the potential of the rich data that is available, in addition to extending the information to assist in making measured management decisions.


The Geotab platform can be extended even further, at any time, to provide added flexibility and integration with third party providers. Choose any add-on that suits your need, such as navigation, dispatching, satellite tracking, driver ID, hours of service (HOS), temperature tracking, camera systems, and many more.


(Software Development Kit)

The Geotab SDK (Software Development Kit) is a powerful set of tools for automating tasks and working with the data in MyGeotab. The Geotab Data Feed API is a scalable, efficient and secure method to access all the device’s data. Geotab offers more data points of connection with robust, scalable and reliable tools. The SDK features sample code and projects to get first-time developers with Geotab started.

The open SDK allows anyone to integrate third-party software or hardware into MyGeotab, creating an even more powerful solution for your fleet and for your business. Imagine tying in your invoicing or payroll to the telematics data or pulling in your favourite dispatching software. The possibilities are endless and the end result is improved efficiencies and decision making for your business and fleet.

If you or your software provider are not able to facilitate the integration, our team of in-house developers will be more than happy to do this for you.


We design & build custom plug-ins, add-ons and integrate software as needed. What are your unique challenges?

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IOX Technology

Open SDK

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More on IOX Technology

As previously mentioned, Geotab’s expandability can be achieved with IOX (input/output expanders) expansion.  It allows for a complete transformation of your business’ fleet management system. When thinking about expandability, managers might be wary of the added costs and added size of the device.  But not with Geotab.

Geotab’s IOX technology allows managers to expand their fleet management capabilities without adding a single dollar to the cost of your device or systems.

The Geotab GO9 already features a small socket on the side that reads “IOX.”  This port allows you to connect other IOX expanders without having to attach an additional port or a completely new device.  The Geotab setup comes with its own IOX port, making it convenient to install additional IOX technology with our system.

What makes this even more beneficial for fleet managers is the fact that you can choose only the capabilities that you require for your business.  If you have a certain need and that need only, all you have to do is choose that specific requirement and nothing else.

Let’s take a look at the advantages:

Reduced Costs

You don’t need to buy an additional port or device to add Add-Ons or additional features.  The Geotab device already features an IOX port compatible with most hardware devices. And, in terms of the Add-On, you only need to pay or add for what you need.

Future Expandability Opportunities

You might not have additional needs now but what about in the near future?  You may think you don’t need to have temperature tracking or satellite tracking today, but you never know what other added needs you’ll have when you expand or grow your business.

Geotab’s IOX technology allows for further expandability to satisfy your demands for new technologies in the near future.

Reduced Hardware Space

Because you don’t need to add or install another device or port to the Geotab, it saves your driver’s hardware space in the vehicle.


Easy Installation

Speaking of new technologies in the future, there’s no need to remove the existing Geotab device.  When you plug in the IOX technology that you need now and replace it with new technology, you don’t have to remove the entire Geotab as the port is compatible with universal plug-ins.  No need to buy a new device or a different port.

More on Open SDK

Geotab’s open SDK means it’s easy to apply software integration to our systems.  The open SDK allows for the simplification or automation of processes to add value and increased efficiency to your business.

Let’s talk about the benefits of software integration and why this is one of the most important aspects of choosing Geotab among any other telematics solution in the market.

But before we do, allow us to explain to you why an open SDK is a key to your fleet management success.

Before the open platform for telematics was openly accessed, most companies provided devices that were locked in.  This means that when you use a certain telematics device, there is no way in which you can integrate their systems into your current systems.

Locked in devices only allow you to benefit from the features that these devices provide.  If you have a new requirement or need for your business, it meant you’d have to buy a new device that contained the features you needed.  This costs money, time, and many delays in your business.

It also meant that new versions or technologies by the manufacturer were the only additions that you can enjoy if any.  But with Geotab, this is history.

With our solution’s open SDK and expandability features, the possibilities are endless with the systems and devices that you can use for your telematics system.

An open platform for software integration allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • build your own custom applications with the aggregated data found in your Geotab
  • develop your custom applications, as well as Geotab Add-Ins
  • expand MyGeotab with custom applications suited to your business needs
  • we provide sample codes that developers are able to use instantly
  • you benefit from having all your required data in one easy platform

The Open Platform

Geotab’s open SDK is the new way to do business in fleet management.  Why? Because it’s affordable, easy to customize, and the most important feature:  you have open access to all your data.

Offering the total package allows for improved and easy collaboration and innovation, you are in control of your data, and best of all, you have the ability to expand, grow, and scale the business that matters.

Working with Add-Ins

Aside from the IOX Technology and Open SDK, we also introduce you to Add-In Capabilities.  Geotab and Mobilizz have a number of pre-made applications that you can pick from to add to your system.  Pre-made applications include full source codes for synchronizing your data. These applications can be used to:

  • import customer lists from a CRM (customer relationship management) system
  • track Hours of Service (HOS), for regulations compliance as required by the government
  • synchronize your vehicle groups based on their roles in your company
  • download vehicle maintenance records into an already existing system
  • keep your routes up to date and current

Additionally, pre-made applications can instantly be integrated into your MyGeotab.  They are readily made available and require straight-forward coding and installation by a developer.  Our in-house experts and developers can assist as you need. With Mobilizz, you don’t need to worry about integration, add-ins and utilizing all of the expandability features on your own!

gps auto tracker

So How Do You Integrate These Applications Into Your System?

One of the advantages of installing our applications to your website or app can be in the form of truck tracking that can be accessed by your customers.

For example, you are delivering products for a client.  If they want to track the truck carrying their products or deliverables, you can give them access to data regarding that very truck, so they can see where their products are currently located, and when their delivery will arrive.

Types of Add-Ins

There are currently two types of Add-Ins that we can provide:


You can create custom-page Add-Ins that can be thought of as a complete web application.


You can also create custom-buttons that you can add to your page to create different functions.

Hardware Integration

Hardware Integration means you can use 3rd party devices to our Geotab devices.  We provide you with the capacity to use devices that are not manufactured or sold by Geotab.  While these are not manufactured by Geotab, we make it a possibility that you can still take advantage of the features and benefits that they provide.

Our devices are universally compatible with most 3rd party devices, and our systems allow for software integration of these devices.

It is important to note that while we make it easy for you to apply software and hardware integration to our devices and systems, expertise is needed to make sure everything is integrated properly and working efficiently.

For 3rd party telematics devices, MyGeotab requires the use of the MyAdmin SDK.

Geotab Add-Ons

With the use of IOX Technology, Geotab allows managers to expand the features of the device through the use of Add-Ons.

Add-Ons are basically hardware or physical devices that can be plugged into the IOX port on the Geotab device.

There are over 15 Add-On products available manufactured by Geotab and a number of other Add-On products that are manufactured by Geotab partners.  Add-Ons allow for more data to be collected depending on your needs.

With Geotab’s Expandability Feature, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the data fleet managers can collect from their Geotab device.  Providing a more customized, specific, and needs-based system, Geotab allows for greater ROI opportunities.


Tap into the rich data available to you. We’ll help!