Expandability Integrating Telematics Data Throughout

Implementing telematics for your business growth means staying focused on your 5 year business plan and tapping into the potential of the rich data that is available, in addition to extending the information to assist in making measured management decisions.


The Geotab platform can be extended even further, at any time, to provide added flexibility and integration with third party providers. Choose any add-on that suits your need, such as navigation, dispatching, satellite tracking, driver ID, hours of service (HOS), temperature tracking, camera systems, and many more.

SDK (Software Development Kit)

The Geotab SDK (Software Development Kit) is a powerful set of tools for automating tasks and working with the data in MyGeotab. The Geotab Data Feed API is a scalable, efficient and secure method to access all the device’s data. Geotab offers more data points of connection with robust, scalable and reliable tools. The SDK features sample code and projects to get first-time developers with Geotab started.

The open SDK allows anyone to integrate third-party software or hardware into MyGeotab, creating an even more powerful solution for your fleet and for your business. Imagine tying in your invoicing or payroll to the telematics data or pulling in your favourite dispatching software. The possibilities are endless and the end result is improved efficiencies and decision making for your business and fleet.

If you or your software provider are not able to facilitate the integration, our team of in-house developers will be more than happy to do this for you.


We design & build custom plug-ins, add-ons and integrate software as needed. What are your unique challenges?