MyGeotab offers the simplest, Safest and most reliable way to manage your fleet vehicles.

Manage Your Entire Fleet From One Platform

MyGeotab is a web-based fleet management software that is available to all Geotab customers under 4 different data package plans. See all your vehicle and driver information in one place and use it to make quicker, better-informed decisions for your business.

Completely Customizable Online Dashboard


Stock reports


Stock Rules & Exceptions

+ Unlimited

Custom Reports to see only the data that is of importance to you

Reliable Software

Even if your vehicle is parked indoors and underground, Geotab’s technology will start tracking as soon as you begin driving. The GO9 introduces the new Global Navigation Satellite System module (GNSS) for faster latch times and increasingly accurate location data.


Geotab’s benchmarking fleet management reports can compare the activity of one group to another to look at idling trends and other items. Benchmarking and trend lines are excellent for businesses to visualize performance in safety, productivity or fleet. For example, benchmark the MPG of vehicles in the south vs the north to see how driving behavior is impacted by cold or hot weather, or benchmark windshield time of employees in urban centers vs less congested roads to better plan commuting or route time.

Fleet Management Simplified

Geotab’s fleet management software, MyGeotab, takes the complexity out of collecting data and transforms it into useful information that businesses can act on. For example, most Geotab customers want to understand how fuel consumption is impacted by driving habits, time of day spent driving, and the vehicle make and model. Geotab normalizes the data to a common measurement, such as U.S. gallons, imperial gallons, and liters, to simplify fuel management. Additionally, MyGeotab is available in 7 different languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Polish.

Data plan chart

Base Regulatory Pro ProPlus
Region Worldwide USA and
Worldwide Worldwide
Web-based software reporting platform (SaaS) capable of supporting unlimited vehicle and users
Support of multiple map types
Rich reporting functionality - editable, customizable, trends, etc. ** **
Customizable dashboards
Flexible user access control
MyGeotab access via Android and iOS
SDK and APIs that are open, free, and easy to use
Access partner Add-Ons and Solutions through Geotab Marketplace
Basic IOX Add-On (IOX-GOTALK, IOX-AUX, IOX-BUZZ, IOX-NFCREADER, etc.) integration with in-vehicle peripherals and devices
Advance IOX Add-On integration with in-vehicle peripherals and devices (IOX-BT, IOX-USB, IOX-CAN, and Add-Ons for substance spreader controllers IOX-DJ DICKEY-john©, IOX-CRS Cirus Controls© SpreadSmart Rx© IOX-DJ, IOX-COMSPREAD Rexroth© Compu-Spread©, IOX-FAM FORCE AMERICA© 5100ex etc.
Active Tracking - premium quality tracking solution that delivers location information with higher frequency and precision
EV driving energy used
EV battery charge % SOC
EV charging status
EV charging energy
Limited lifetime device warranty

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