Productivity Tracking

Boost Fleet and Driver Productivity

Because of real-time tracking on a map, fleet managers can boost fleet and driver productivity.  Features and Add-Ons allow for data analysis that can lead managers to make better-informed decisions on subsequent trips and routes.

The ability to oversee all aspects of operations allow fleet managers to run operations more smoothly and seamlessly, allowing companies to do more and achieve more each day.  With Geotab’s many capabilities, fleet managers can effortlessly maximize operations, not just on a day to day basis, but on a real-time, immediate basis.

With Geotab’s capacity for productivity tracking, a company’s returns on investments in achieved much faster.

Detailed and Accurate Trip Recording


Geotab’s patented breadcrumb trail tracking offers the most advanced insight into your drivers’ on-road performance. At every turn, curve, and stop, Geotab technology records all driving details and compares that data to company policies defined in the software. This allows the fleet to manage by exception and highlight if something is outside of the company policy. Place your mouse over the trip trail for details on speed, road travelled, and policy violations.

Trip and Activity Management


Recreate any trip from any point in time. Geotab’s fleet management software provides detailed reporting into drivers work time allocation, including time of arrival and departure, driving time, speed, and locations visited. Increasingly accurate location data.

Real-time Tracking on a Map


For real-time tracking, open the map and select the vehicles you’d like to see. Hover over the vehicle location to see details such as arrival times and the speed while driving.

Track Your Fleet with Real-time Location Tracking


Active tracking for vehicle location and safety, provides fast and precise location updates. With Geotab’s patented algorithms, you can draw additional insights into driver behavior, vehicle performance and road or environmental conditions

Manage Your Trips, Anytime


Geotab’s productivity reports can help you visualize your fleet and driver activities throughout the day. With easily stored trip history information, you can recreate any of your trips at any time and for any date specified. This includes in-depth views for time spent at the office, on the road, and at customer locations. What’s more, you can see a summarized view of all your trip information, including fleet performance metrics such as most driven asset, and average fuel economy.

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