Apart from the usual telematics info and data that is important for Long and Short Haul trucking, such as real-time location, engine data and idling hours, our solution comes with two unique features:

1. Automatic IFTA reporting
Eliminates mistakes and reduces time spent on reporting to almost 0.

2. Digital Hours of Service logging
Keep driver safety priority #1 and ensure that the log books aren’t being altered (learn more)

Our 13+ years of GPS and Telematics experience means we’ll be able to show you ROI faster than you might believe! Below are just some of the benefits we’ll work with you to implement, measure and leverage for a smarter fleet management system that drives $$ to your bottom line.

  • Routing – integrate with any routing software you currently use
  • Dispatch – integrate with any dispatch software you currently use
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Improved and monitored driver employee safety
  • Decrease fuel costs by reducing the idling hours
  • Fleet and vehicle utilization tracking
  • Improved productivity – are they working or sitting at Tim Horton’s?
  • Better vehicle maintenance with our automatic Engine Fault Code reporting

Do yourself a favour and get the most flexible, highest value Trucking Industry Fleet Management system matched to our service that’s unrivalled.

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