On top of our world leading telematics features, the GO device transmits two different types of DICKEY-John information:

1. Status changes when application of material begins and ends
2. Accumulation of distance travelled, amount spread, location and time spent spreading or blasting a material.

Both are extremely important for your Municipal fleet and materials management.

Our 13+ years of GPS and Telematics experience means we’ll be able to show you ROI faster than you might believe! Below are just some of the benefits we’ll work with you to implement, measure and leverage for a smarter fleet management system that drives $$ to your bottom line.

  • Audit trail for snow clearing and sanders – Insurance
  • Driver employee safety
  • Fuel economy, idling and carbon foot print reduction
  • Fleet and vehicle utilization
  • Productivity
  • Vehicle maintenance and fleet costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved response times

Do yourself a favour and get the most flexible, highest value Municipal Fleet Management system matched to our service that’s unrivalled.

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