The landscaping industry was an early adopter of our technology.

The need to show “Proof of Activity” for lawsuits that may occur two years down the road, high staff churn rates, a large number of summer students and their handling of out of sight vehicles creates a very difficult environment to manage.

Our 13+ years of GPS and Telematics experience means we’ll be able to show you ROI faster than you might believe! Below are just some of the benefits we’ll work with you to implement, measure and leverage for a smarter fleet management system that drives $$ to your bottom line. 

  • Audit trail for insurance and proof of activity for insurance purposes
  • Productivity – arrive, time at and departure from sites
  • Fuel Reductions – reduce idling, out of route driving, speeding and personal use
  • Personal and after hours vehicle use
  • Driver / employee safety
  • Productivity – are they working or sitting at the coffee shop
  • Vehicle Maintenance – engine fault codes and reduce distances driven
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Moonlighting – are your staff using your vehicles and equipment for personal gain?
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums

Do yourself a favour and get the most flexible, highest value Landscaping Fleet Management system matched to our service that’s unrivalled.

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