Our one-stop solution deals with your whole fleet

Typically, pickups, vans, dumps , hydro excavac and yellow metal (bulldozers, backhoes, bobcats, skidsteers etc.) all have different requirements.

Our one-stop solution deals with your whole fleet. Never again will you be saying  “The GPS in my trucks isn’t on the same platform as my heavy equipment.”

Our 13+ years of GPS and Telematics experience means we’ll be able to show you ROI faster than you might believe! Below are just some of the benefits we’ll work with you to implement, measure and leverage for a smarter fleet management system that drives $$ to your bottom line.

  • Live Monitoring of equipment for theft and maintenance – Caterpillar integration
  • Manage equipment for utilization
  • Driver employee safety for pickups, trucks and vans
  • Fuel economy, idling and personal use.
  • Fleet and vehicle utilization
  • Productivity – are they working or sitting at the local coffee shop
  • Moonlighting – – are your staff using your vehicles and equipment for personal gain?
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Reduced insurance premiums

Do yourself a favour and get the most flexible, highest value Construction and Excavation Industry Fleet Management system matched to our service that’s unrivalled!

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