GPS, Telematics, AVL, Vehicle Tracking – there are many terms that have been used over the years. On top of that, all the providers look and sound the same; how do you know who to pick?

Our unique, solutions-based approach to telematics and the connected vehicle has been improving safety and saving time for fleets of all sizes, since 2002.

The future is now: This is so much more than GPS

Telematics is no longer just dots on a map or ‘Big Brother’ trying to catch staff congregating at the local coffee shop. In fact, only 30% of all data that we collect is location data. That means 70% of all aggregate data coming from our telematics system can provide deep insights  to support your organization’s goals and objectives. We can help you make the most out of that information and affect real, lasting change!


Informed Decision Making: We believe in the power of information 

With the average Connected Vehicle collecting 20,000+ data points per day, we know there is a hidden treasure of information in there for our customers to utilize and maximize.

At Mobilizz, we encourage all of our customers to use as much of the data as possible in their fleet and organizational decision-making. We believe in the power of information and how it can benefit your fleet.

Beyond just fleet:
Better fleet decisions = better business decisions

Many organizations tend to keep their fleet data within the fleet department. We know that a fleet’s data and information can help their business make better decisions overall. Mobilizz helps our customers share fleet data within their business and vice versa. Our view is that better fleet decisions can deliver better business decisions, which results in increased sales and increased profits.

Holistic, Solutions based approach

Our primary objective every day is to help advance fleets and businesses across North America. By connecting fleets, we connect to our communities, finding opportunities to improve the lives and spaces around us.

Instead of giving you some hardware and letting you fend for yourself, we bring a holistic solutions-based approach to your connected fleet through critical thinking and questioning to deliver the most value for you, day after day. What matters to you may not matter to someone else, and we know that. So, our promise is that our team will work tirelessly to deliver exactly what you need

Connected Everything

When it comes to operating fleets today and into the future, everything is connected. Our team will give you the advice you need to understand all of the solutions available on the market, so you can implement what is right for your business.

A connected fleet and a connected business = data-driven decision making = better and faster decisions = $$$ in your pocket.

We have 20+ years of experience maximizing benefits and ROI. We’ll show you how….