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The Canadian ELD (ELOG) Mandate
Deadline & HOS Rules

Easier-to-use, versatile electronic logging device

Geotab ELD is a compliance solution for Hours of Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting, and driver identification. This smart mobile app works with the Geotab GO telematics device to help fleets meet compliance regulations, boost productivity and driver safety. Geotab’s electronic logging solution is self-certified and registered with FMCSA.

Canada US Electronic Logging Device mandate


Canadian carriers must be compliant by June 12, 2021

268 days 00 hrs 57 mins 17 secs

Mandated ELD solution

ELDs are becoming an integral part of commercial trucking operations.  A technology that has made fleet operations simpler and more efficient, Mobilizz works hand in hand with Geotab to provide you with solutions that make your business much easier to operate, and therefore, become more profitable in the long run.

Whether you manage long-haul heavy trucks, lighter trucks, or buses, if commercial trucking is in your line of business, you need ELDs and telematics to comply with the regulations and mandates set by the Canadian government.

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Driver-friendly features

The user-friendly dashboard and intuitive workflow guides drivers step-by-step. Night mode available for easier viewing in the dark.

  • Automatic duty status changes and quick touch exemptions
  • Electronically-generated Duty Status graph
  • Pop-up reminders for drivers to verify logs, add shipments and other tasks

Flexibility for your fleet

  • Compatible with off-the-shelf Android and iOS devices (BYOD)*
  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates
  • Integration with a number of major transportation management systems and fleet management platforms

Strengthen ELD compliance with alerts

  • Minimize HOS violations with in-app driver warnings
  • Get real-time alerts for violations and drivers not logged in
  • Compliance managers can track driver logs, violations and hours remaining in MyGeotab

Simplify vehicle inspections

Geotab ELD provides a complete end-to-end inspection workflow for Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR). Inspections show defects, who identified the defect and who repaired it. Drivers can select either pre-trip or post-trip inspection.

  • Customize your defects list
  • Print vehicle inspection reports right from MyGeotab
  • Automatically notify the mechanic when a DVIR is completed and a repair is needed

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Why The Need for ELDs?

You might be asking why ELDs are still needed if you have the Geotab GO9 device that transmits data to your MyGeotab software (i.e. telematics system).  Well, your vehicles need ELDs because it is mandated by the law.

The ELD mandate is congressionally mandated, in order to create a safer environment for long-haul drivers in Canada.  In short, it is intended to provide businesses with fleet safety.

It is important to note that the driving hours of commercial drivers in Canada are regulated by a set of laws known as the Hours of Service or in short, the HOS.  

The ELD, which is an electronic hardware (tablet), is connected to the vehicle’s engine, with the capacity to record information. This information is then sent to the telematics system, which in our case, is the MyGeotab software.

The ELD is the mechanism used by which fleet operators adhere to the set of rules set by the Hours of Service regulation.  Even if your vehicles have the Geotab GO9 or any device already attached, your trucks or buses, still need to have the ELD on the engine.

Ensuring that truckers don’t drive for more than 11 hours straight, not drive for a maximum of 14 consistent hours, and that they take regular breaks, is the original purpose of the HOS rule, allowing for safer roads and ensuring the well-being of drivers.  According to the FMCA, the ELD can help to prevent accidents on the road, creating safer highways.

Before the age of ELDs, the more traditional method of recording Hours of Service was through paper logbooks.  The manual documentation of information had always been prone to error and abuses and this also proved inadequate in meeting the standards of accuracy and safety set by the FMCA.

There was also more risks for paper logbooks to get lost, whereas electronic documentation provides more secure data protection.

The FMCSA decided that ELDs would answer the problems of paper logbooks.  They also decided that responsibility for the required ELDs and meeting the requirements of HOS are the sole responsibility of the fleet operators.  Thus, it is up to the operators or business owners to decide which ELD hardware devices to use for their fleet of trucks or vehicles.

Do more with your ELD

Maximize your return on investment with Geotab’s expandability options. Browse the Geotab Marketplace for hardware accessories and software solutions. Seamlessly integrate telematics with the rest of your fleet operations with the Geotab Software Development Kit. We have the resources to guide you through the process. More benefits:

  • Fuel usage and MPG monitoring
  • Engine fault reporting for proactive vehicle maintenance
  • Accurate insights for IFTA and IRP mileage reporting with true trip miles
  • Integration with Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
  • Integrate with your maintenance program with Geotab’s open APIs
  • Paperless forms and electronic signature capture
  • Other custom solutions for trucking, such as refrigerated trailer temperature monitoring, tire pressure monitoring, in-cab cameras, and more

Geotab Garmin® Bundle

A mobility management solution that combines convenience and durability. The Geotab Garmin Bundle is a reliable and user-friendly fleet platform for tracking, managing, and sharing records of duty status (RODS). The industrial-grade hardware and specialized truck maps and routing is optimal for long-haul commercial truck use. Learn more on the Geotab Marketplace.

Choosing the Best ELD for Your Business

Speaking of which, how then do you choose the best ELD device for your fleet?  Choosing an ELD for your vehicles can be a tasking job (comment: “tasking job” isn’t a common expression – might be better using something else) .  With Geotab, however, you won’t have to do it alone.

With services provided by Mobilizz and our Geotab products, we have the solutions to help you with your fleet’s ELD compliance needs.  Whether your fleet is on-road or off-road, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the things you need to know about choosing the ELDs that comply and perform:

1) The ELDs Have to be Self-Certified and Registered

To do this, you can take a look at the FMCA’s list of registered ELDs.  Geotab is proudly self-certified and registered with the FMCA.

2) Know About the Company Details

ELDs are no joke.  When choosing the manufacturer of your ELDs, you must take a few factors into consideration.  Such factors include:

  • the company structure
  • worldwide ranking
  • years in business
  • number of customers and customer references
  • number of employees and engineers
  • solution partners
  • commitment to research and development
  • security policies

Geotab has been in the business since 1996 and is recognized as a global leader in telematics.

3) The ELDs Must Provide the Following Data

Vehicle Information

motor carrier information
time and date
geographical location
miles traveled
engine start and shutdown
engine problems or malfunction


Driver Information

hours of service
driver identification
driver log in and log out
personal use
status change of driver duty
driver’s daily record certification

All this data must also be transmitted into a telematics system, which the fleet management or operator can access anytime of the day and from anywhere they may be.

The ELD you choose for your fleet must provide all of this information and more, otherwise, they may not be up to par with the standards set by the FMCA.