Our connected fleet solutions helps improve safety on both sides of the wheel

Your employees are your company’s greatest asset. Keep fleet safety at the forefront by monitoring key fleet metrics and decrease collision rates.

Understand driver safety trends

Safety dashboard reports provide a quick overview of your fleet’s riskiest drivers and overall safety score. Report on key fleet metrics such as speeding, harsh braking, backing up, seat belt use and more.



Instant accident notifications

With immediate notifications and detailed second-by-second data, a connected fleet helps you make crucial and timely decisions. Each device has a secondary memory bank that saves second-by-second information leading up to the impact on your vehicle. The accident reconstruction data is automatically uploaded, creating a detailed look at how the accident happened.

In-vehicle driver feedback

Take your fleet driver coaching program to the next level. Provide immediate feedback to drivers right in the vehicle with a buzzer alert or GO TALK spoken instructions.

Our seamlessly integrated dash camera solutions take the guesswork out of collisions and other critical traffic events. Review high definition footage and save video clips for later use as a valuable training resource for your drivers.

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Let us help you improve driver safety, leading to safer roads for all.