Smart mobile forms FOR THE FIELD

Mobilizz is pleased to partner with ProntoForms to help our customers eliminate paper in the field, save money and make their daily operations more efficient.

ProntoForms offers the leading field-focused low-code app platform for mobile form solutions.

The ProntoForms mobile solution makes it easy for frontline workers to collect data, access records in the field that can be used to populate offline or online mobile forms, and automatically share the results with back-office systems, cloud services, and people. We make it possible for companies to track, analyze, and continuously improve processes using cutting-edge mobile form solutions.

Whatever forms your field staff complete in the field can be converted to a digital form in an app. Everything can remain the same so your staff aren’t learning a new form. Or use this time to update and customize your paperwork! All of it is fully integrated with Geotab too!

Use mobile fleet management to create rich records and meet compliance

Embed multimedia and location data into fleet records to quickly build detailed reports for incidents/accidents, maintenance records, and more. Populate any number of custom documents with data from submitted forms – with full control over format and content.

  • Easily design custom documents to meet regulatory requirements
  • Use templates for different forms, reducing repetitive work
  • Populate many custom docs (PDF/Word…) with every submission
  • Simplify compliance reporting for all environmental, health, safety, and quality processes

Improve fleet & field service agility

Enable drivers and field employees to reliably and efficiently complete complex tasks using a fleet management app for vehicle inspections, installation & maintenance, asset management, and more. Smart forms dynamically hide/show questions based on previous input, prompt users for additional input as required with color-coding and notifications, display appropriate support documentation, and more.

  • Pre-populate fleet data, e.g. OBD-II information and service history, into forms
  • Easily capture rich media: photos, sketches, GPS/Time stamps…
  • Use contextual data handoffs between apps for a seamless user experience
  • Quickly edit hundreds of forms using enterprise grade bulk management tools
  • Easily develop custom mobile forms for a variety of use cases

Get the future-proof solution you’re looking for, matched with our industry leading know-how.

Generate complete and rich work records

Embed multimedia and location data into work records to quickly build verifiable reports and proof of work completed. Populate any number of custom documents with data from submitted forms – with full control over format and content.
occur in the vehicle.

  • Distribute your service records in JSON/XML/HTML formats to your FSM solution and multiple cloud destinations in real time
  • Easily design custom documents and re-use document templates for different forms, reducing repetitive work
  • Populate multiple custom docs (PDF, Word…) with every submission
  • Simplify compliance reporting for all environmental, health, safety, and quality processes

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Build Low Code Workflows

Fully customizable, businesses can easily configure 100% digital workflows, expanding the distribution of your fleet’s data, documents, and records.  These records are then sent to a multitude of back-office systems and cloud destinations of your choosing.

With these workflows, you can accelerate follow-up actions; shipping; corrective actions after inspections, as well as invoicing. 

You can also automatically share data with your business stakeholders, so they have the capacity to further review your fleet performance, editing, approval, and action.

And not only that.  Data can also be shared with your customers.  If they need to know if their shipments have been delivered, you can also have the option of integrating customers’ access to certain data that may be useful to them.

ProntoForms as Smart Mobile Solutions

Logistics and fleet management teams lean on the synchronization of critical information.  Managers need to know the status of vehicles, deliveries, time logs, and locations. With Smart Mobile Solutions, you won’t need to analyze the hundreds of data that come to you.

With ProntoForms, data is reported and sent to you in real-time, allowing you to access crucial information when you need it.  

Drivers and field workers complete the forms and managers instantly view these data with everyone involved.

ProntoForms is the leader in smart mobile forms and their integration in the Geotab platform provides a seamless exchange of data that helps both parties – the field staff and the managers.

Field Work Made Simple

Fieldwork is already hard enough.  With Smart Mobile Solutions, we make it easier for your staff.  

ProntoForms is made for:

  • Field workers
  • Business leaders
  • Operations executives
  • IT directors

With ProntoForms, drivers and field staff get to enjoy their actual coffee or cigarette break, rather than using this time to fill out paperwork.

Business leaders are also given immediate access to what’s happening in the field, while operations executives have information handed to them in real-time.  For IT directors, ProntoForms allow them to simplify their IT workload.

ProntoForms allow all parties involved in fleet operations to make their job simpler.  And it all starts with making fieldwork reporting as simple and as organized as possible.

How it Works

There are only two methods to how Smart Mobile Solutions work:  Data In and Data Out.

Data In

This process involves your field staff filling out pre-fill forms for fleet data.  This could include fleet inventory, customer information, manuals, and procedures.

Data Out

Once the digital forms are filled, all data is sent to back-office systems and cloud services.

All forms are customized and pre-filled.  You don’t need to make them yourself, too, as our team of programmers and experts will help you build your digital forms.

You, as the manager, determine what data your business needs to be collected.  Forms are then built with our simple, no-code online form builder, and are then sent to the staff in the field.

These forms can include data, signatures, sketches, and even pictures.  Whatever data you need, our forms can be tailor-made to meet your requirements.

Some examples of forms are as follows:

  • Delivery and drop-off forms
  • Work order and purchase order forms
  • Commercial vehicle safety inspection checklists
  • Vehicle status and maintenance log forms
  • Geolocation and timestamp

These are just some of the forms that you can have in your ProntoForm app.  Whatever your needs may be, Mobilizz and ProntoForms can build it for you.

Expandability Benefits

Your telematics system does a lot for your fleet.  But sometimes, it may not be enough to get you what you need in terms of fully taking advantage of what it can do for your fleet business.

ProntoForms is one way in which you can benefit from our telematics system’s capacity for expandability.  This Add-On is just one of the many ways that you can build your very own custom system that meets your business needs and beyond.

And what’s so great about ProntoForms and our Add-Ons capabilities is our technology’s seamless integration.

Partnering with ProntoForms and Geotab, you only need one online platform to access all this data.  With MyGeotab, ProntoForms, Geotab, and all the Add-Ons you have are viewed in one simple platform.

With this simple and easy-to-use app, fleet managers are able to guide drivers and technicians through complex field processes.

And with streamlined data collection, the goal of such Add-Ons makes everyone’s jobs simpler, faster, and more efficient.

Configure 100% digital workflows, expanding the distribution of your fleet’s data, documents, and records.