The world’s first and only
Electric Vehicle telematics device!

Using the same GO9 device as in gas and diesel vehicles, fleets now have the ability to monitor and track their fuel AND EV/PHEV vehicles all with the same GO9 device and on the same MyGeotab platform.

Geotab helps fleets streamline operations by monitoring Electric Vehicle (EV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) performance, understanding charging and using real-time state of charge data to dispatch the right vehicles.

MyGeotab reports

The Fuel and EV Energy Usage Report includes both fuel and EV energy usage — covering the overall performance and helping answer questions such as the typical electric range and the performance of fleet EVs compared with fuel cars. This report provides insights into battery use; if it is being maximized, and identifying any Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) that are running solely on gas. The EV Charging Report provides a complete charging history of the vehicle, including where and when the EVs are charging, the length of time the EVs were charging at a specific location and the amount of charge they actually received. This gives insights into why EVs have the current battery percentage charge.

MyGeotab Map

The MyGeotab Map functionality includes real-time battery charge % (state of charge), to identify which EVs in the fleet have the most (or the least) battery charge, and charging status, to view who is actively charging at any given time. This not only helps prioritize who needs to charge, but also increases response time when a vehicle, such as service van or taxi, needs to be dispatched to a customer location, by finding the nearest vehicles, which also have enough battery charge.

Customize your fleet rules and notifications

The Custom Exception Rules in MyGeotab have EV capabilities. For example:

  • Notify the fleet manager if a vehicle’s battery goes below a certain level and needs charging.
  • Determine which vehicles stationed in the lot have the lowest charge levels to help prioritize charging order.
  • Assign ‘no-charge time’ rules to a fleet to eliminate charging during peak electricity rate times.

If a driver charges during these times, the fleet manager will be notified of anyone violating the rule.

EV Suitability Assessment (EVSA)

Are you currently looking to move some of your fleet vehicles to EV/PHEV? Mobilizz and Geotab can help your fleet management by conducting an EV Suitability Assessment. An EV Suitability Assessment is a tailored EV adoption recommendation based on telematics data from your existing fleet and real-world EV performance data.

As you electrify your fleet,
we’re there to support you.

What can an EVSA tell me?

Best fit analysis

Determine which vehicles are the best candidates for replacement by EVs. Analysis covers vehicle type, range capability and projected cost savings.


Range assurance

Determine range capabilities specific to your fleet’s needs including:

  • Does the EV meet your drivers’ range requirements?
  • Is an overnight charge enough?
  • Will the battery still cover my required range in extreme weather conditions?

Cost analysis

Understand if going electric will actually save money and, if so, how much? Determine how your cost structure may change.


Environmental impact

Understand how much your fleet can reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.