Battery and Solar powered asset trackers

For fleets with non-powered assets such as flat bed trailers, containers or high-value equipment (cable reels etc).

Both devices are fully integrated in to the MyGeotab platfom so you can view ALL of your assets in 1 portal, all on the same map as your GO device equipped assets. All of your GPS fleet management needs can be met with Mobilizz’s asset trackers! Our compact, rugged battery GPS tracking device has been designed for tracking containers, trailers, skip bins, and other assets where super-long battery life is required without sacrificing the frequency of updates and performance. Utilizing the latest in cellular technology, Mobilizz’s asset trackers draw very low power and therefore ensure a long battery life to track, monitor, and manage a wide variety of mobile and fixed assets in different environmental conditions.


  • 4G LTE Cat-M1/Nb-IoT Modem (2G option)
  • High performance GPS and accelerometer tracking
  • Powered by AA Lithium Iron Disulphide or LTC batteries
  • Battery Meter for accurate monitoring
  • Up to 7 years once daily updates
  • Up to 1 year once hourly updates
  • IP67 rugged weather-proof housing
  • Small, compact and easy to install and conceal

Get the future-proof solution you’re looking for, matched with our industry leading know-how.

Reporting Frequency and Battery Life

The asset tracker is fitted with a 3-axis accelerometer which allows the device to ‘sleep’ in an ultra-low power state yet still wakeup when movement occurs. The GPS and accelerometer are used in tandem to intelligently determine when the device is moving, and increase the frequency of location updates. When movement ends, the update rate is scaled back to once per day. This ensures that up to date location information is always provided, without wasting any data or battery life. The frequency of updates is easily configurable Over-the-Air, so that the desired update rate or battery life can be achieved.

Flash Memory

The asset tracker has enough flash to store many weeks of data records, and will record information even when out of cellular coverage. The flash memory is also used to store firmware updates, GPS aiding data, parameters and other important information.

Battery Meter

A coulomb counter acts as a battery meter, tracking the energy consumption of the device. This enables an accurate battery percentage to be reported. The battery meter also allows accurate battery life predictions. Simply deploy the device in your application with the desired settings. The energy usage will be reported, enabling you to extrapolate to determine the battery life time.