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Electric Vehicle (EV) Telematics


Asset Tracking

Integrated solutions mean we can expand your telematics capabilities.  With just one platform, your fleet management systems can expand to endless possibilities.

Whether you need to add additional software or hardware, our expandability feature means your business’ needs are met beyond your expectations.

More on Electric Vehicle Telematics (EV)

Do you have electric vehicles in your fleet?  Don’t worry, we offer Electric Vehicle (EV) telematics, as well as Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) telematics.  The world’s first and only EV telematics device, we have the capacity to track performance, charging, and real-time status of charge data.

Using our EV Suitability Assessment (EVSA), we can help your fleet management adopt recommendations based on your telematics data from your existing fleet.

And what can this tell us?  Three things:

Best Fit Analysis

To determine which vehicles are the best candidates for EV replacement.  We’ll give you facts and considerations on whether or not replacing your current vehicles for EVs just might be a great idea for your business.

Cost Analysis

We’ll help you understand if going electric can save you money as well as reduce your fleet’s environmental impact.  

We’ll also help you understand how much your EVs can help reduce fuel consumption, eventually increasing your ROI (return on investment) and provide your company with bigger profits in the long run.

Range Assurance

To determine range capabilities specific to your fleet’s needs.  We understand that you may be wary of replacing gas-powered vehicles to EV due to the range capacity.  We get it. Long-haul drives need powerful engines. But if an EV can match the range of your regular vehicle, then it’s a great option to lower costs.  

We’ll analyze facts and data in terms of range capacity, so we can assure you that the EV of your choice can match your current vehicle’s capacity.

More on ProntoForms

Your drivers fill out forms to send reports.  While the process was mainly manual years ago, it’s no longer the case today.

To make form-filling and reporting much easier, faster, and more efficient, we work with ProntoForms to get the ball rolling in your fleet’s form reporting and submission.

ProntoForm is a smart mobile form that allows drivers to collect data and access records in the field.  You get to save money, and time, making your daily operations more efficient.

Once these forms are filled, fleet managers and frontline workers can automatically view them on back-office systems and cloud services.

Whatever forms your field staff completes will be converted into digital form in the app, allowing you to view data in real-time.

ProntoForms is integrated with Geotab so you won’t need an entirely different app to view and record these forms.

With ProntoForms, all your staff’s data are recorded and documented in a platform that everyone can see.

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Asset Management

At Mobilizz, we don’t just start and end with your fleet.  When you have a business, you’ve got assets that extend with your vehicles.

These assets could be trailers, containers, and high-value equipment.  At Mobilizz, we have the capacity to track these assets, too.

How?  With our Asset Tracker capability.  We have compact, battery-powered asset trackers that allow you to know where your equipment, trailer, or container is.  We understand that goods and equipment run your business. In the field of fleet management, we understand that your business runs on delivering goods.  Let us help you ensure your goods are well monitored with our asset management systems.

We have battery and solar-powered trackers that are fully integrated into MyGeotab.  With Mobilizz, you won’t just track your vehicles, you can track and monitor your goods and equipment, too. 

Because goods and equipment usually don’t run on electricity, our battery-powered asset trackers are just what you need.

And with your fleet and asset trackers viewed in one easy platform, you won’t need to add any other software to make sure you know where your asset is.  In terms of hardware, we only have a compact and tiny tracker to place on your assets, and that’s it. 

Utilizing the latest in cellular technology, we can help you monitor and manage a wide variety of mobile and fixed assets, no matter what the weather condition.

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With our Add-ons capabilities, Mobilizz is here to break down barriers and expand your business.  Take advantage of our growing partner networks in both software and hardware so we can work together to meet your business goals and beyond.

Geotab Add-Ons

gps gsm tracking device

With limitless opportunities, we offer an extensive ecosystem that is built to help your business thrive in the future.

With Mobilizz and Geotab’s partnership, the possibilities are endless when it comes to your software and hardware capabilities.  Telematics is a complex system and with expandability, it can be mind-boggling and complicated.

But don’t you worry, this is why we are here.  We have a team of consultants and industry experts who will help you in every step of the way in terms of meeting your business’ needs and requirements.  When you have certain needs that go beyond the basic capacities of Geotab, we’ve got add-ons to exceed your expectations.

The greatest thing with the latest telematics technologies is its expandability.  Geotab works with its Software Development Kit (SDK) that extends platform functionality.  This expandability feature adds value, improves efficiency, and adds a unique feature to your telematics system.

And aside from the SDK, Mobilizz also allows hardware integration for even more expandability.

Let’s talk about the solution that’s right for you!