About Us

At Mobilizz, we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading telematics and superior customer service that can’t be beat.

For companies interested in the advantageous and revolutionary technology of fleet tracking systems, but have no idea where to start, Mobilizz is here to help.

We will guide you down the path of finding the best fleet management solutions that suit your specific business needs.

We take the jargon and confusion out of this digital age and leave you with nothing short of superior customer service and the best telematics solutions.

Exceeding Expectations is our Expertise

In addition to being experts in ELD devices, GPS fleet monitoring, and GPS asset trackers, exceeding expectations is another one of areas of expertise. As a Mobilizz customer, you can expect to experience top-of-the-line service, knowledge, and guidance. Our fleet of experts are readily available to answer any questions or concerns you may have and we will go to great lengths to ensure an optimal experience that provides you with the assistance you’re looking for.

And because we understand the importance of urgency when running a business and using a fleet tracking system, our Customer Commitment Policy ensures that your phone calls and emails will be answered on the same day to ensure prompt and reliable service.

Our first customer in 2002 is still our customer and our 99.3% customer retention rate over the years speaks for itself.

We are committed to our customers and partners, with each of our team members having a passion for technology and revolutionary fleet telematics.

Customer Committed

#1 top priority is customer service. There is no challenge, situation or concern that is too difficult for us. We take on your questions and desires, and we pride ourselves on seeing them through with optimal care.

At Mobilizz, we hold ourselves accountable to our customers, partners, and employees by honouring our commitments and by providing results with the highest quality fleet management solutions. We want to be your #1 Geotab reseller, and will go to great lengths to ensure we earn that title.


Get the future-proof solution you’re looking for, matched with our industry leading know-how.

Highly Experienced

Fleet management solutions and telematics systems may be new to many companies, but we’ve been diving into this revolutionary technology ever since it became a thing. At Mobilizz, we have experience with some of the largest fleets in North America.

We know the key issues surrounding fleets of all types and can help you with any concerns, confusion or challenges you’re experiencing, whether it pertains to your specific fleet, implementing ELD, how to access your fleet management system, or anything in between. If it’s about telematics, we can help.

We’ve been a Geotab reseller since 2002, which has allowed us to garner exponential experience and knowledge about telematics and GPS fleet monitoring over the years.

We can guide you through every part of the process, from choosing the best ELD solutions to identifying the reasons a fleet tracking system is needed in your business; installing GPS fleet tracking systems and ELD for trucks, and everything in between.

Having peace of mind that your assets are safe and secure is priceless, and we have the experience needed to get you set up with a fleet tracking system that can give you that reassurance.

Custom Built Fleet Management Solutions

To ensure fleet management solutions that suit the individual needs of our customers, we offer off-the-shelf and customized solutions. Many of our customers have a custom-built plug-in, add-on or integrated software/hardware that was created specifically for their individual needs using our technical knowledge and 17 years of industry expertise. This allows us to provide the exact telematics solutions required for your business.

Take advantage of leading our GPS Fleet Management system by choosing the best fleet telematics for your business. At Mobilizz, we have the industry expertise and customer service you’re looking for – and we’ll even exceed your expectations!